Deborah is a special education attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area currently representing families and students against school districts throughout Northern California. She is extremely passionate about her work and the rights of children with disabilities. Deborah is an active member of the educational community and works with parents, service providers and local organizations to support the needs of vulnerable youth.

Deborah has spent her entire legal career working on behalf of children with disabilities. As a law student, she worked as a legal intern and special education advocate for Disability Rights California and Bay Area Legal Aid. As a first year attorney, Deborah became the managing associate at a special education law firm in the District of Columbia where she represented dozens of low-income families and children in special education cases. Prior to relocating back to the Bay Area, Deborah co-founded The School Justice Project, a legal services and advocacy organization serving older students with special education needs who are involved in Washington DC’s justice system. In 2013, Deborah founded Jacobson Education Law in Berkeley, California. JEL’s mission is solely dedicated to helping families with children with disabilities in individual and systemic cases. In addition to her private practice, Deborah has worked as both co-counsel and a contract attorney for Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund.

Deborah has effectively and compassionately represented hundreds of clients in special education matters. She is a frequent presenter at state and national conferences, and provides trainings to local advocacy and parent groups.

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