Conor Tighe is the regional in house counsel for Turner Construction Company supporting Turner’s Great Lakes Region and Canadian operations. In addition to legal services responsibility, Conor is also responsible for insurance and risk management  including negotiating the appropriate insurance structures and responsibility for claim loss history for the region. Prior to receiving his law license attending night classes at John Marshall Law school, Conor worked in Turner’s operations for 9 years as an field engineer, superintendent and later, in charge of Turner’s cost accounting department in Chicago.

Conor’s legal experience includes negotiating contracts between Turner and its clients in a wide range of procurement settings including private public partnership (PPP), design-build, construction management at risk and construction management as advisor roles. In addition to the up front transactions, Conor assists Turner’s operations and carriers in navigating claims arising from the delivery of the Project.

Conor’s PPP experience includes social infrastructure transactions in both the US and Canadian markets. PPP responsibilities include supporting Clark Builders, an Alberta based subsidiary of Turner Construction Company. Conor has experience in negotiating Project Agreements (including applicable dropdowns), direct lenders agreement, interface agreements, lending documents, security packages including PPP performance bonds with liquidity elements and insurance packages required to support DBF and DBFM procurements.

In addition to his role at Turner, Conor is a founding board member of Embard, Inc, a Chicago non-for profit. Embarc is a three-year program that provides community-driven, experienced-based learning opportunities to low-income High School students to inspire and prepare them for college and career success. During Conor’s involvement with Embarc, the organization has grown from supporting 25 students in 2010 academic year to 840 students in 18 schools for 2017 academic year.