Bridget M. Weiss represents tax-exempt organizations, including charities, private foundations, advocacy organizations, trade associations, medical research organizations and international nongovernmental organizations. She has experience advising tax-exempt organizations in a wide variety of contexts throughout their entire lifecycle—from initial qualification for tax-exempt status to ongoing operations, including implementation of complex programs, grantmaking, lobbying, and political activities and business activities. Ms. Weiss counsels tax-exempt organizations and their governing bodies facing tax and governance controversies, including both internal investigations and audits and other examinations by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other government regulators. She also represents individuals and corporate donors on major gifts and other charitable programs.

Ms. Weiss provides advice to tax-exempt recipients of federal grants with respect to grants compliance programs, in addition to conducting internal investigations and responding to federal audits and other enforcement actions.

Ms. Weiss also represents business entities and individuals in a variety of other contexts, including in the disclosure of offshore assets and income through participation in the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. She has extensive experience in tax issues related to settlements of complex litigation, including implementation of funding structures such as qualified settlement funds and structured settlements.