Angel Lezak is a registered patent attorney whose practice focuses on intellectual property law and technology. She has experience representing patent and trademark clients in the procurement of intellectual property rights before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. As part of her practice, Angel develops and manages patent portfolios for new and existing clients. Additionally, Angel analyzes existing patent families to determine the value and strength of pending and acquired claim sets. Angel’s proven methods expedite prosecution and minimize prosecution history, ultimately creating stronger patent assets.

Angel represents clients in a number of technological areas, and her experience includes the procurement of clients' intellectual property rights in the fields of 3D computer graphics, computer animation, 2D image processing, game systems, musical notation software, virtual machine architecture, business analytics software, audio technology, and Web-based technologies.

Prior to joining the firm, Angel worked as an associate for a large Palo Alto, California law firm.  In addition, she worked as a patent examiner in the area of computer/electrical arts for more than three years at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Leveraging the knowledge and experience she gained as a patent examiner, Angel has been able to successfully develop and execute creative, effective strategies for prosecuting both new and problematic patent applications to issuance.

Prior to practicing law, Angel taught music on the grammar school and university levels. Additionally, she has composed several small chamber and large-scale orchestral commissions, musical theater pieces, and other musical works for a variety of organizations and artists.