Tracker Features

Getting Started with My Credit Tracker

For each license you have on your PLI account, you will have a tracker in your account. When you earn credit through PLI programs, we automatically add those credits and certificates to your tracker for you.

If you are licensed in a state that has multiple compliance groups or sets compliance periods by birthday, please enter that information into My Credit Tracker in order to activate your tracker. If you are licensed in one of the states that has the same compliance deadline for all attorneys, that information will be filled in on your behalf. If you are licensed in any other state or jurisdiction, please enter the start and end date of your compliance period and press “Go” in order for PLI to track your compliance.

Our accreditation department keeps the rules for each jurisdiction up to date to make sure we are tracking your requirements accurately. All information contained in the Credit Tracker is advisory only. Your licensing jurisdiction has final authority on all mandatory continuing education requirements. 

Adding Credit Earned Outside of PLI

Our tracker allows you to add credit you have earned outside of PLI programs. First, at the bottom of each license you have in your tracker, below where your certificates are listed, you will see a link to "Add External Credits".




After clicking this link, fill out the information in the form. You may also upload a PDF or Word file of your certificate for safe keeping. All certificates uploaded to PLI are fully encrypted and secure.