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Whirlwind Tour of the World’s Employment Laws: Navigating Compliance with Overseas Employment Rules

Recorded on: Mar. 30, 2017
Running Time: 01:08:21

Full Transcript:

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Taken from the briefing Whirlwind Tour of the World’s Employment Laws: Navigating Compliance with Overseas Employment Rules recorded March, 2017 in New York.

The employment-at-will system is helpful to employers, yes. But it is essentially confined to the United States. Employment laws differ greatly overseas—especially in countries with completely different legal systems, but even in common-law countries with legal systems otherwise like ours, such as Australia, Canada, England, Ireland and South Africa.

In the old days, the vast differences among different countries’ national employment law systems rarely created practical problems. Back then, a multinational complied with, say, French law for its staff in Paris, Brazilian law for its team in Sao Paulo, and Japanese law at its office in Tokyo. These days, though, multinational headquarters aligns more and more human resources offerings, rules and initiatives globally. Think of, for example, headquarters-driven global codes of conduct/ethics, global stand-alone policies on topics like bribery and insider trading, international stock option plans, regional sales incentive plans, cross-border RIFs and restructurings, multi-country mergers/acquisitions and international internal investigations. Initiatives like these force multinational headquarters to understand and account for the fundamentals of employment law overseas. But what do labor and employment laws actually require? How do they work?

Donald C. Dowling, Jr. of K&L Gates LLP offers a fast-paced and engaging overview of what multinational headquarters needs to know about the employment laws of the world.

Lecture Topics  [01:08:21]

What you will learn:

  • The practical differences between employment-at-will and “indefinite” employment regimes abroad
  • The completely-different role of written employment contracts abroad
  • How unions, “works councils” and other collective labor bodies overseas differ from the U.S. NLRA model
  • How termination/dismissal laws work outside employment-at-will
  • Geographical overview: Employment law in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America

Who should listen:

  • Lawyers (in-house and law firm) with responsibilities for employment law issues outside the U.S.
  • Human resources professionals with responsibilities for employment law issues outside the U.S.
  • Global mobility professionals and immigration lawyers
  • Compliance professionals overseeing global policies and cross-jurisdictional employment law compliance

Presentation Material

  • How To Conduct a Global Human Resources or Labor Compliance Audit—Including Cross-Border Employment Due Diligence
    Donald C. Dowling, Jr.
  • How to Determine Which Jurisdiction’s Employment Laws Reach Border-Crossing Staff
    Donald C. Dowling, Jr.
  • How to Launch an Employment Discrimination, Harassment, Diversity or Affirmative Action Initiative on a Global Scale
    Donald C. Dowling, Jr.
  • Whirlwind Tour of the World’s Employment Laws: Navigating Compliance with Overseas Employment Rules
    Donald C. Dowling, Jr.
Donald C Dowling, Jr. ~ K&L Gates LLP
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