The Corporate Tax Practice Series and The Partnership Tax Practice Series


Strategies for Acquisitions, Dispositions, Spin-Offs, Joint Ventures, Financings, Reorganizations & Restructurings

With over 485 chapters written by more than 435 of the world’s leading tax practitioners, including former Internal Revenue Service and Department of Treasury officials, the 31-volume Corporate Tax Practice Series is your definitive resource for all things corporate tax. Beginning with a "General Overview and Strategies in Representing Sellers“ written by Series editor Louis S. Freeman, our authors will guide you through the latest in cutting-edge corporate tax strategies and issues, from Section 355 divisive strategies to the latest trends in corporate financings and refinancing. To help put these hot topics in context, the Corporate Tax Practice Series also contains important historical perspectives on tax legislation, rules, regulations and case law.


    ISBN Number: 9781402415104
    Published: March 2011
    Page Count: 34660 pages
    Number of Volumes: 31

  • Major Topics Include:

    • Drafting and negotiating acquisition agreements
    • Contingent liabilities in taxable acquisitions
    • Partnership strategies in M&A
    • Compensation strategies including carried interests
    • Special issues presented by S Corporations
    • Tax considerations in corporate reorganizations and restructurings
    • Transferring intellectual property
    • International tax issues including cross-border mergers, international acquisitions, sovereign wealth funds, and transfer pricing
    • Taxation of financial products
    • Tax shelters, the economic substance doctrine and the anti-abuse rules
    • Consolidated return regulations and issues

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Planning for Domestic and Foreign Partnerships, LLCs, Joint Ventures & Other Strategic Alliances

The 16-volume Partnership Tax Practice Series includes more than 320 articles written by over 290 prominent partnership tax practitioners and delivers a sound analysis of cutting-edge transactional tax-related issues and innovative solutions for highly effective tax planning results. Laying a foundation with guidance on drafting and negotiating partnership and LLC agreements, the Partnership Tax Practice Series then moves on to tackle more complex issues including recent decisions involving disguised sales of property between partner and partnership, and proposed regulations governing the use of Series LLCs. To provide a historical framework for today's partnership tax practice, the Partnership Tax Practice Series also includes retrospectives on significant developments in partnership taxation, case studies and interesting partnership transactions of the past decade.


    ISBN Number: 9781402414268
    Published: September 2010
    Page Count: 17119 pages pages
    Number of Volumes: 16
    Last Updated: October 2011

  • Major Topics Include:

    • Tax issues raised by partnership options
    • Allocation of partnership liabilities
    • Partnership exit strategies
    • Partnership mergers and divisions, including the anti-mixing bowl rules
    • "Check-the-box" planning
    • Taxation and use of real estate investment trusts (REITs)
    • Like-kind exchanges
    • Taxation of private equity and hedge funds
    • Publicly traded partnerships
    • COD income deferral guidance
    • The impact of the codification of economic substance
    • International partnership and joint venture issues

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