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Suann Ingle

Suann Ingle Associates, LLC

New York, NY, USA


Suann Ingle is one of the country’s top visual communication consultants for trial attorneys and litigants. An expert graphic designer, she is also a trusted partner who offers decisive advice on presentation strategy and execution. After thousands of hours in the hot seat in courtrooms and arbitration hearings, Suann remains calm, focused and unflappable regardless of circumstances. This enables her to sense what’s coming, and adjust visual communication on the fly to keep judges, juries and arbiters focused on the merits of the case.

Suann’s talents and experience take on even greater power when she integrates her graphics and presentation expertise with jury research and mock trials. With more than 500 verdicts behind her, she has a keen sense of how people learn, retain, and decide issues based on visual evidence. Her teams convert this expertise into compelling messages with speed and precision, even when headline engagements require around-the-clock support.

Since entering the field in 1994, Suann has consulted on a wide range of litigation matters, including intellectual property, white collar, insurance, financial services, employment, and complex business disputes. She has extensive experience in scaling and managing trial support teams and has helped deliver successful outcomes in venues throughout the United States and in Europe.

Her visual expertise is grounded in academic study, including a Master of Science degree in Communications Design from Pratt Institute. When she is sketching her ideas, Suann explains the principles behind the sketch – and why they increase the odds of winning. Her personal warmth and empathetic style also enable her to teach, develop and inspire other graphics professionals to embrace the challenges of high-stakes litigation as a career.

Prior to entering the field of trial consulting, Suann spent seven years at Coca-Cola in New York where she managed the Creative Services Department. In 1996, she joined TrialGraphix and was instrumental in establishing its New York office. She also spent three years at DecisionQuest, where she assisted legal teams in trial, providing visual solutions to complex, high-stakes cases. Before starting her own firm, Suann worked at FTI Consulting, Inc., leading the New York office of the Trial Services Division.

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