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Three “P’s” for Improving as a Legal Writer: Professional, Process, and Preferences

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Crafting a legal brief, an important client memo, or a transactional document is a routine but important part of every lawyer's day and a core component of the job. Because lawyers are paid to write, they should consider themselves to be professional writers. As professional writers, lawyers must learn all they can about writing to improve this essential skill. They must create and then follow a sound writing process to produce documents that clearly ...

Unconscious Gender Bias in the Legal Profession: How Women (And Men!) Are Impacted -- And How They Must Work Together to Fix It

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

The metaphor of “walking a tight rope in high heels” aptly describes how women often must navigate their legal workplace due to the unconscious gender bias they face —balancing that fine line between being too pushy and a pushover, too focused on work or too focused on family; too “masculine” or too “feminine.”  Men also are negatively impacted by expected gender stereotypes for men, often in a way that ...

Planning Your Case: Defining and Creating a Mission Plan, Risk Assessment, Discovery Plan and Litigation Budget

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

The adage fail to plan, plan to fail is particularly true when it comes to complex cases. When a case proceeds to trial, you and your litigation team will need to present a highly complex and technical set of facts, law, and argument to support your client's desired outcome. To meet that objective and develop the necessary evidence and strategy, your team must be thorough, thoughtful, efficient, and cost-effective throughout the planning process. ...

Empowering High-Performance Legal Teams: Tips for Managing Others (and Managing Up) to Meet Your Goals

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Working with legal teams can be an attorney's greatest pleasure or greatest burden--sometimes both in the same day. Whether managing up or managing down, your ability to be a team player or team leader can make the difference in your productivity, your job satisfaction, and your client's success. But high performance teams do not emerge overnight; they are the result of careful development and attention to team dynamics. In this One-Hour Briefing, ...

Intimate Partner Violence and Technology Abuse: Representing the Legal Services Client in the New York State Courts

Program  ProgramWebcast  Webcast

Why You Should Attend Electronic evidence (including technology abuse) plays an increasingly important role in cases involving intimate partner violence in legal services work. Understanding the current case law and ethical rules governing the use of electronic evidence is therefore essential for legal services attorneys who represent clients in these cases. Within the context of intimate partner violence, this training will explore the many technologies ...

Negotiation Workshop for Lawyers 2018

Program  Program

Why You Should Attend Negotiation Workshop for Lawyers is one of our longest-running programs, and every year the Workshop continues to deliver an engaging and unique learning experience. Attendees learn negotiation theory, technique and strategy, then put those lessons to the test with a mock negotiation of a legal matter that may resemble transactions encountered in everyday practice.  Crucially, attendees will learn the building blocks for ...

Writing for Transactional Lawyers 2018

Program  ProgramWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

Why You Should Attend  In Writing for Transactional Lawyers you will learn principles of effective writing and drafting to enhance your transactional practice. Particular emphasis will be given to the perspectives of the end users: your clients and those who litigate commercial disputes.  What You Will Learn   Crisp and clear drafting techniques, including the use of “Plain English” Tailoring your writing to suit different ...

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