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Planning Your Case: Defining and Creating a Mission Plan, Risk Assessment, Discovery Plan and Litigation Budget

Recorded on: May. 31, 2018
Running Time: 01:00:50

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Taken from the Audio-only Briefing Recorded May 2018 in New York
Planning Your Case: Defining and Creating a Mission Plan, Risk Assessment, Discovery Plan and Litigation Budget [01:00:50]

The adage fail to plan, plan to fail is particularly true when it comes to complex cases. When a case proceeds to trial, you and your litigation team will need to present a highly complex and technical set of facts, law, and argument to support your client's desired outcome. To meet that objective and develop the necessary evidence and strategy, your team must be thorough, thoughtful, efficient, and cost-effective throughout the planning process. Failing to define the mission of the litigation, evaluate potential risks, develop a coherent discovery plan, and create and adhere to a budget can be the cause of failure—meaning not achieving the desired mission or end-state of the litigation. Not planning correctly, or failing to plan at all, often leads to unwanted results in negotiations and litigation, as well as poor value and outcomes for your client.

Please join Dave Dolkas of Dolkas Teaching and Coaching and learn: 
  • The principles of Commander's Intent and Spectrum of Improvisation and how those principles apply to defining the mission of your complex case
  • A four-step methodology for defining the mission of your complex case
  • A three-step methodology for creating a risk assessment of your complex case, allowing you to analyze all potential outcomes to arrive at the "Value" of proceeding forward with litigation
  • Real case examples applying the risk assessment methodology
  • How to prepare a discovery plan using a systematic and stepped-questioning process designed to determine what discovery to conduct for your complex case and what discovery your opponent is likely to conduct
  • The problems resulting from litigation teams failing to properly plan discovery and how to avoid those problems
  • A ten-step methodology for creating a meaningful litigation budget that reflects and considers the overall mission, the Value as defined by the risk assessment, and the discovery plan
Presentation Material
  • Planning Your Case: Defining and Creating a Mission Plan, Risk Assessment, Discovery Plan, and Litigation Budget
    Dave Dolkas
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