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30th Annual Elder Law Institute

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From the program: 30th Annual Elder Law Institute

Released on: May. 4, 2018

At PLI’s 30th Annual Elder Law Institute, expert faculty will explore developing issues and key considerations for elder law practitioners and also will review elder law fundamentals such as Medicare, Medicaid, Supplemental Needs Trusts, and assisted living options.  The program also will address Social Security Benefits, with special attention to applying for and appealing decisions concerning Disability Insurance Benefits and Supplemental ...

Senior Housing Options and Assisted Living Update

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Recorded on: May. 1, 2018

JEFFREY G. ABRANDT: Good afternoon. Welcome back everyone from lunch. I hope you enjoyed it. We're going to start right up. I'm very excited to introduce Judy Grimaldi. Judy's going to be speaking about senior housing options in assisted living. I can go on and on about Judy. Judy is a partner in the first all-female elder law firm, I think in the state. Judy is a fabulous practitioner who does great work. Judy I know for many years. Judy was a social ...

Supplemental Needs Trusts

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Recorded on: May. 1, 2018

DOUGLAS CHU: Now I do double duty because right after me as always, Jeff. And Jeff Abrandt, my co-speaker, my co-chair, is going to now do a section on supplemental needs trusts. And with him, he has assembled a panel to assist and present portions of the programs. So Jeff already has been introduced. So you can look at his bio and everything-- and everyone's bios are in the material. But also on the day as today, we have Adam DiLeo, who is Assistant ...

Medicare (And How To Get Help Paying For It)

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Recorded on: May. 1, 2018

DOUGLAS J. CHU: All right, everybody. We're starting again. Going to ring the dinner gong. I'm sure people will-- wow, is it a lot louder? They put it louder, so they could hear me outside. The bar is closed. SPEAKER 1: Except the lampshades are on a lot of people's heads. DOUGLAS J. CHU: All right. So welcome back, everybody, to the post break. And then, we'll make our-- after this, we'll, of course, make our way to lunch. So in keeping with ...

Introduction to Social Security Benefits with an Emphasis on Disability Insurance Benefits and Supplemental Security Income Disability

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Recorded on: May. 1, 2018

DOUGLAS CHU: All right. Continuing in our program, we are now going to have a section on social security benefits. In particular, we want to get into some coverage of SSD benefits, because while we deal with seniors, there's a-- someone's talking? Someone's phone? Oh. OK. So for our speaker today, we have Christopher Bowes-- Chris Bowes-- who is co-founder and executive director of CDARs. And we-- beside his bio, which you can see in the program, ...

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