Membership Suite FAQs

Membership Suite FAQs

    Adding New Members: 

  • Q. How do I add a new member to the roster?

    A. Click Roster tab. To the right of the page next to the word Add, choose Member

  • Q. How do I remove an existing member from the roster?

    A. Find and select the Individual you would like to remove from the Roster Section. Choose either No Longer With Firm or Remove From Roster (we recommend No Longer With Firm) from the Actions menu and click Confirm.

  • Q. Will the new individuals I add to the roster receive an email notifying them of their PM status?

    A. No, new members will not automatically be sent a Welcome Email. When you add them to the roster be sure to click the checkbox for Send Welcome Email. If a member is already added and you wish to send: Locate the member on the roster, select the checkbox next to their name, from the Action dropdown select Send Welcome Email.

  • Q. What does the notice “Existing Member found. Please verify member’s information” mean when adding someone to the roster?

    A. This means that there is an individual in our system with the email address you have provided. Please click “Existing Member found. Please verify member’s information” for verify the account and then Save to add it to the roster. The system will then update the existing account and add it to the roster

    Updating Office Locations:

  • Q. How do I add a new office address?

    A. Click Roster tab. To the right of the page next to the word Add, choose Office

  • Q. How do I remove an address for the Offices section?

    A. Office locations cannot be removed through the Membership Suite. If you find address listed under the Office section that are no longer valid please notify your account administrator at PLI and they will remove the office for you.

  • Q. What if one of our offices moves locations?

    A. Please use the Edit feature under Offices to update the address. This will update our system with your new address and update all the individuals account that are listed at that address.


  • Q. How do I register someone for a program if the program is not in my Registration Queue?

    A. Once you have found the program you would like to register your roster members for, click on Register form Roster under the Membership Suite Options..

  • Q. Will the individuals that I register in Membership Suite receive confirmation emails?

    A. Yes, they will receive the same confirmation email that they receive when registering themselves through or our customer service department.


  • Q. How do I request a groupcast?

    A. After you find the program you would like to set up as a groupcast click Request Groupcast under the Membership Suite Options. Make sure you have the Webcast button selected under Select a Location.

  • Q. How do I add a location to an existing groupcast request?

    A. In the upper right hand corner of the Request Form select Add Location tab. If your groupcast is in the Requested or Approved Statuses no changes can be made. Please create a new groupcast form the Membership Suite Options or click Repeat Groupcast.

  • Q. How do I cancel a groupcast?

    A. Click Cancel under Action in your Groupcast Queue.

  • Q. Do I need to send in the Sign-In Sheet and Requests forms if I enter the attendance into the Membership Suite?

    A. Yes, you must send the Sign-In Sheet and Request forms even if you enter the attendance in Membership Suite.

  • Q. How do I submit Groupcast Evaluations?

    A. There is not currently a way to submit the groupcast evaluations online. If your attorneys fill the out please PDF and email them to

    Admin Users:

  • Q. How do I add a new Administrator?

    A. Click on Administrative Users Tab and select Add Administrator. The user must already be on the roster in order to be designated as an administrator.

  • Q. How do I remove an Administrator?

    A. Click on Administrative Users Tab and check the box next to the individual you wish to remove. Select Remove Selected Admin.

  • Q. How do I update our Primary PD?

    A. You will need to contact your PLI account administrator to update the Primary PD. We can then make the change for you in our system and assign a new Primary PD.


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