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Elina Mereminskaya

Bofill Mir & Alvarez Jana

Santiago, CHL

Elina Mereminskaya studied law at University of Immanuel Kant Baltic (former Kaliningrad State University) where she graduated with highest honors (1996). She graduated with distinction LL.M. maximum Georg-August University of Göttingen, Germany (1998) and a doctorate degree in Law with magna cum laude, from the same University (2001).

Between 2007 and 2013 he served as Special Advisor for International arbitration Arbitration and Mediation Center of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CAM Santiago).

Since 2003 she has been a professor of the Faculty of Law of the University of Chile in matters of private international law, international and international arbitration, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Currently, she directs the course of international commercial arbitration in the Graduate School of the entity. She was also a professor of various universities in Chile, an assistant professor at the University of Immanuel Kant Baltic and visiting professor at universities and legal research centers in Latin America and the United States From the year 2012 serves as Co-Editor of Arbitration ITA Reports, distributed by Kluwer International with support from the Institute for Transnational Arbitration.

Elina Mereminskaya is the author of numerous works on international arbitration, some of them may be mentioned: "Implementation of an arbitration agreement to a non-signatory in Chilean law: Reality and Prospects", Revista Chilena Commercial Law (2013), "Law national interpretation of international arbitration agreement: contributions from the jurisprudence of the CAM Santiago Arbitration "Arbitration Convention, Carlos Soto Coaguila (ed.), Arbitration Peruvian Institute, Lima, Peru (2011)," International Commercial Arbitration in Chile : A look jurisprudential "Journal Ecuadorian Arbitration (2010)," Recognition of a foreign arbitral award subject to annulment process: Comments on the decision of the Supreme Court of Chile, Brazilian Journal of Arbitration, No. 36, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2010), together with Aldo Lara Mascareño "Collisions of legal regimes in world society. The umbrella clause as a substantive and procedural mechanism of legal coordination", Liber Amicorum. The umbrella clause as a substantive and procedural legal mechanism of coordination ", Liber Amicorum. Bernardo Cremades, Fernández-Ballesteros López, Miguel Ángel y Arias Lozano, David (eds.), Ed.: La Ley (2010); "Fraccionamiento jurisdiccional en el arbitraje y la posibilidad de su prevención por la vía de cláusulas específicas", Revista Peruana de Arbitraje, Nº 10, Lima, Perú (2010); Transferencia de la cláusula compromisoria en la cesión de derechos contractuales y la subrogación legal", Informativo On Line CAM Santiago, Nº 3 (2009); "Arbitraje comercial internacional", Análisis crítico del Derecho Internacional Privado chileno, Ramírez Necochea, Mario, LexisNexis, Santiago, Chile (2008); "Arbitraje doméstico e internacional en Chile: En búsqueda de la armonía", Arbitraje y mediación en las Américas: Teoría y práctica, Vargas Viancos, Juan Enrique y Gorjón Gómez, Franciso Javier (eds.), Centro de Estudios de Justicia de las Américas, Santiago, Chile (2006). Bernardo Cremades, Fernandez-Ballesteros López, Miguel Angel and Arias Lozano, David (eds.), Ed: The Law (2010), "Fractionation tribunal for the arbitration and the possibility of its prevention by means of specific clauses," Journal Peruvian Arbitration, No. 10, Lima, Peru (2010) Transfer of the arbitration clause in the assignment of contractual rights and legal subrogation ", Informative On Line CAM Santiago, No. 3 (2009)," International Commercial Arbitration ", Analysis critic of Chilean Private International Law, Ramirez Necochea, Mario, LexisNexis, Santiago, Chile (2008), "Domestic and international arbitration in Chile: In search of harmony", Arbitration and Mediation in the Americas: Theory and Practice, Vargas Viancos, Juan Enrique and Gorjón Gómez, Francisco Javier (eds.), Justice Studies Center of the Americas, Santiago, Chile (2006).

Elina Mereminskaya a member of the International Bar Association (IBA).

Languages: Russian, Spanish, English and German.


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