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Dr. Shannon R. Wheatman

Kinsella Media, LLC
Senior Vice President
Washington, DC, USA

Dr. Shannon Wheatman began her class action career in 2000 at the Federal Judicial Center where she was instrumental in the development of model notices to satisfy the plain language amendment to Rule 23. Dr. Wheatman has been involved in over 200 class actions and has been recognized as a notice expert in state and federal courts across the U.S. and in Canada. Dr. Wheatman specializes in designing, developing, analyzing, and implementing large-scale legal notification plans. She provides testimony on the best notice practicable. Her plain language expertise was advanced by her education, including her doctoral dissertation on plain language drafting of class action notice and her master's thesis on comprehension of jury instructions. Dr. Wheatman's selected case experience includes:


Brookshire Bros. v. Chiquita, No. 05-CIV-21962 (S.D. Fla.).
Friedman v. Microsoft Corp., No. 2000-000722 (Ariz. Super. Ct.).
Gordon v. Microsoft Corp., No. 00-5994 (4th Jud. D. Ct. Minn.).
In re TFT-LCD (Flat Panel) Antitrust Litig., MDL No. 1827 (N.D. Cal.).
In re: Online DVD Rental Antitrust Litig., MDL No. 2029 (N.D. Cal.).
Peek v. Microsoft Corp., No. CV-2006-2612 (Cir. Ct. Ark.).
Spence v. Microsoft Corp., No. 00-CV-003042 (Cir. Ct. Wis.).
Sweetwater Valley Farm, Inc. v. Dean Foods, No. 2:07-CV-208 (E.D. Tenn.).

Consumer and Product Liability

Beringer v. Certegy Check Servs., Inc., No. 8:07-cv-1434-T-23TGW (M.D. Fla.) (data breach).
Carnegie v. Household Int'l, No. 98-C-2178 (N.D. Ill.) (rapid tax refund loan).
Ciabattari v. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., No. C-05-04289 (N.D. Cal.) (run flat tires).
Cotton v. Ferman Mgmt. Servs. Corp., No. 02-08115 (13th Jud. Cir. Ct. Fla.) (automotive products).
CSS Inc. v. FiberNet, L.L.C., No. 07-C-401 (Cir. Ct. W. Va.) (telecommunications).
Davis v. Am. Home Prods. Corp., No. 94-11684 (Civ. D. Ct. La.) (Norplant contraceptive).
Defrates v. Hollywood Video, No. 02L707 (Cir. Ct. Ill.) (video rentals).
FIA Card Services, N.A. v. Camastro, No. 09-C-233 (Cir. Ct. W. Va) (credit card arbitration).
Ford Explorer Cases, JCCP Nos. 4226 & 4270 (Cal. Super. Ct.) (consumer fraud).
Gardner v. Stimson Lumber Co., No. 00-2-17633 (Wash. Super. Ct.) (hardboard siding product).
Grays Harbor v. Carrier Corp., No. 05-CIV-21962 (W.D. Wash.) (high efficiency furnace).
In re Educ. Testing Servs. PLT 7-12 Test Scoring Litig., MDL No. 1643 (E.D. La.) (teacher's testing).
In Re: Enfamil LIPIL Mktg. & Sales Practs. Litig., No. 11-MD-02222 (S.D. Fla.) (infant formula).
In re High Sulfur Content Gasoline Prods. Liability Litig., MDL No. 1632 (E.D. La.) (tainted gas).
In re Lupron Mktg. & Sales Practices Litig., MDL No. 1430 (D. Mass.) (pharmaceutical).
In Re: Checking Account Overdraft Litig., MDL No. 2036 (S.D. Fla.) (overdraft fees).
In re: SCBA Liquidation, Inc., f/k/a Second Chance Body Armor, Inc., No. 04-12515 (Bankr. W.D. Mich.) (bullet proof vest).
In re Serzone Prods. Liability Litig., MDL No. 1477 (S.D. W. Va.) (pharmaceutical).
In re TJX Comp. Retail Sec. Breach Litig., MDL No. 1838 (D. Mass.) (data breach).
In re Trans Union Corp. Privacy Litig., MDL No. 1350 (N.D. Ill.) (credit report privacy).
In Re: Wachovia Corp. "Pick-a-Payment" Mortgage Mktg. & Sales Practs. Litig., No. M:09-CV-2015 (N.D. Cal.) (negative amortization).
Keilholtz v. Lennox Hearth Prods., No. 08-CV-00836 (N.D. Cal.) (gas fireplaces).
Kramer v. B2Mobile, LLC, No. 10-cv-02722 (N.D. Cal.) (text messaging).


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