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Daniel Fisher-Owens

Daniel Fisher-Owens

Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP

San Francisco, CA, USA

Dan Fisher-Owens is a Partner based in San Francisco, California, focusing on U.S. export controls and economic sanctions. His practice covers transactional counseling, classification, commodity jurisdiction, licensing, designing and auditing compliance systems, as well as voluntary disclosures, investigations and enforcement matters.

While not an engineer, Dan enjoys digging not just into the legal complexities of export controls, but also the technical complexities of the products involved. Dan applies his experience as a translator (in his life before lawyering) to export controls, bridging communication gaps between those who “speak geek” and those who speak “Washingtonese.” 

Dan’s export controls practice is wide ranging, but he has concentrated experience in ITAR and EAR controls affecting semiconductor devices, telecommunications products, software and encryption, electronics, night vision, oilfield tools, aircraft and advanced materials.  Dan rounds out his export controls portfolio with experience in BIS, DoE, and NRC nuclear export controls, as well as the Byzantine U.S. antiboycott laws.

His in-depth understanding of U.S. economic sanctions, including the complex sanctions against Iran, is enhanced by his background in Middle Eastern history and culture.  He has supported corporate clients on numerous complex sanctions matters, including the withdrawal of multi-nationals from sanctioned countries, as well as the entry of companies to embargoed countries after easing of U.S. sanctions.  Dan has significant experience with licensing of agricultural and medical exports to embargoed countries and also assists foundations and NGOs with navigating educational and humanitarian exemptions to U.S. sanctions.

Dan is fluent in Arabic, having lived and worked in the Middle East. He is also fluent in Spanish and has a working knowledge of Persian and French.

Dan is a Director of the Professional Association of Exporters and Importers (“PAEI”), a Bay Area non-profit provider of educational programs relating to import and export controls.  He is also active on the CompTIA Export Controls Committee.  He is a frequent speaker at conferences and company training events in the United States and abroad on export controls and economic sanctions topics.

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