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Anthony Boswell

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Chicago, IL, USA

Anthony O. Boswell (Tony) is a corporate executive who has led major ethics & compliance initiatives for a number of organizations. These organizations include: a regional company, two Fortune 500 multinational corporations and a large municipal organization. As the chief ethics/compliance executive for these organizations, Tony has successfully implemented compliance programs in a wide range of business operations, such as engineering and construction, healthcare, transportation services and municipal government.

During the course of his career, Tony has developed a unique expertise and been highly successful in two key areas: (1) his ability to educate organizational leadership, including boards of directors, about proper corporate oversight and governance, and (2) his ability to craft and implement compliance programs for organizations under varying levels of federal and/or state scrutiny for organizational misconduct (alleged or otherwise). Tony’s ability to engage organizational leadership has led to a restoration of the confidence of regulators and/or court appointed overseers in the integrity of the processes and decision-making of the subject company.

For example, during his tenure as chief compliance officer for Laidlaw, Inc., a multinational healthcare and transportation conglomerate with over 100,000 employees, Tony worked with the Board of Directors to design, implement and furnish leadership for the ethics and compliance programs across diverse healthcare and business operations.

Tony also directed corporate defense strategy of various civil and criminal governmental investigations for Laidlaw. He provided strategic guidance to corporate officers regarding corporate business practices; improved business relationships and served as a liaison with federal and state payers and government agencies; and conducted internal investigations to resolve allegations of violations of law and corporate policy. He negotiated settlements on behalf of Laidlaw with the Department of Justice, private payers and state and local government entities.

Mr. Boswell reported to the Laidlaw Chief Executive Officer and the Vice Chairman of the Laidlaw Board of Directors. He served as Secretary of the Laidlaw Board of Directors Health Care Committee, and Secretary of the Laidlaw Board of Directors Ethics and Compliance Committee.

AMEC plc
At AMEC, plc, the London-based engineering and construction services company, Mr. Boswell served as Senior Vice President, for Ethics, Compliance and U.S. Government Relations. In this capacity, he designed implemented and furnished global leadership for the AMEC business ethics and compliance program for 50,000 AMEC employees in 50 countries. Under the leadership of his compliance program, the federal government removed AMEC from its list of debarred contractors.

Mr. Boswell also integrated the ethics and compliance and sustainability programs. He provided oversight for the company’s global human rights initiative, and established on-going dialogue with non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The focus of this work was to identify risks and vulnerabilities with respect to harmful work conditions and other human rights violations both within the United States and abroad in accordance with U.S. Department of Labor, United Nations' Global Compact and ILO guidelines and standards. He also designed, implemented and provided leadership for the AMEC U.S. Government Relations program.

He formerly served as Executive Director of the Office of Compliance for the City of Chicago. As Executive Director, Tony provided leadership for the design, development and implementation of the City’s compliance and ethics program, the world’s first such program for a municipality, while managing a staff of approximately 45 with a total budget in excess of $4.5M.

His oversight responsibilities included: (1) the initial implementation of the City's “New Hiring Plan"; (2) performance management of the City's Internal Audit Division, EEO/Diversity Division, Training Division, Legal Compliance Division, Hiring Division and Supplier Diversity Division within the Office of Compliance; (3) management of the City's Helpline complaint process; audit of internal controls; and performance of city-wide risk assessments; (4) the review of the performance of governmental officers, employees, functions and programs to detect and prevent noncompliance with all local, state and federal rules and regulations; and to recommend appropriate corrective action, including compliance-related education and training; and (5) the drafting of City policies, procedures and practices to ensure compliance (6) and oversight of the City’s training function for all City employees.

Mr. Boswell is currently a consultant. He earned his Master's of Education degree from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

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