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Randy Killings

Rainbow Heights
Member Services Coordinator
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Randy Killings was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY with a host of siblings. He graduated from George Wingate High School at the top of his class, and afterwards, he attended John Jay College for 2 ½ years. He began modeling during college and decided to pursue modeling as a career for 4 years.

Despite his home life being supportive and loving, Randy began experiencing trauma at an early age. However, he was unaware what the trauma consisted of. He knew the trauma was not associated with his sexuality because his family was very accepting. Randy also was living with a mental health disorder that aided in covering up the traumatic experiences. He was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and doctors highly medicated him at the age of 8.

The combination of Randy’s mental health disorder and the trauma he experienced led him to begin using drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, the drugs and alcohol brought Randy down a road of criminal activity and he was sent to prison many times. His last arrest garnered him 10 years in a New York State prison facility.

Randy swore that when he was released from prison, things would be different. He got clean and sober while in prison and now has almost 7 years of sobriety. Also since his release, he has successfully become a productive member of society. He graduated from Howie the Harp, a forensic training program in New York City, at the top of his class. He is now working at a psychosocial club that provides advocacy and support to LGBT identified mental health consumers. He started out as a peer specialist intern and is now the Member Services Coordinator with many responsibilities. . He is the intake coordinator in charge of the intake process.  The staff floor supervisor and he supervises four Rainbow Heights staff, interns from Howie T. Harp Peer training program and  all volunteers. Randy is also the food coordinator of agency’s meal program. He has facilitated many groups, the Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) group, a group that teaches group members about wellness and recovery and how to maintain it. Gay men’s group  and games night a group that  assists members with getting alone with one another.

Randy has had a hard bout with dealing with the co morbidity of his trauma and mental illness. He searched until he found a therapist that could adhere to his needs and help him with what he wanted to be helped with. Now, he is flourishing. Randy knows that he will never be recovered. He will always be recovering. He embraces life today and that makes all the difference in the world to him. Randy has a partner of 6 years that supports his every endeavor. They live together in the Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn, NY.


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