The first treatise to fully discuss this pivotal subject, Substantial Similarity in Copyright Law remains the clearest and most comprehensive reference on the topic.

Substantial Similarity in Copyright Law gives you in-depth insight into the types of similarities that trigger findings of infringement and those that do not. You’ll learn how substantial similarity tests apply to specific kinds of copyrightable subject matter—from fiction to computer programs, and from sound recordings to architectural works­—analysis you cannot find anywhere else.

This book identifies and explains circuit by circuit the substantial similarity tests used in each U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. You’ll learn how substantial similarity is addressed at different stages in litigation in each circuit, on a motion to dismiss, at summary judgment, and at trial. You also will learn how and when expert witnesses can be used in copyright infringement cases, and when they cannot.

Packed with illustrations from litigated cases, this comprehensive reference enables you to see how this vital concept is applied in your jurisdiction to the type of copyrightable work involved in your case, enhancing your ability to analyze, predict and litigate copyright disputes.

Publication Date: October 2003
Last Updated: October 2023
ISBN: 9781402403415
Page Count: 1,366 pages
Number of Volumes: 1

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