Sinclair on Federal Civil Practice is designed to give quick and authoritative answers for issues arising in federal civil litigation and to serve as a guide to the principal rules and tactical considerations guiding lawsuits in the federal courts.

This two-volume treatise starts with the layout of the court system and the nature of its key personnel, followed by jurisdiction and venue principles, and then turns to the sequence of litigation, from pleading to discovery, trial, and then appeal, while explaining the rationale of the rules, citing the key interpretive cases, and offering court-tested practice tips.

The treatise also includes a Compendium of Recent Cases that offers a chronological, circuit-by-circuit and district-by-district listing of recent federal court cases.. It is organized to correspond section-by-section by topic with the treatise chapters, providing an easy-to-use case locator.

Publication Date: November 2008
Last Updated: August 2023
ISBN: 9781402411243
Page Count: 1,734 pages
Number of Volumes: 2

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