Legal operations management is the linchpin required to run today’s complex, often massive, in-house legal teams effectively. Many general counsel have come to realize that they want and need to run their legal departments like a business and that effective legal management now includes planning, financial management, vendor management, technology management, and legal data analytics. With contributions from more than two dozen experts in enterprise legal management, legal strategy, legal technology, cybersecurity, and alternative legal services, Running Legal Like a Business: The Fundamentals of Legal Operations for Law Departments is a go-to handbook for legal professionals looking to drive operational excellence.

Running Legal Like a Business provides new and seasoned practitioners alike—as well as those with a need to know about legal operations—with critical insights into managing their legal operations. Delving into the drivers of the evolution of legal operations as an in-house function and as a profession, the book covers key elements of effective legal operations management, including:

  • How to share critical information and demonstrate the legal department’s value through thoughtful and directed reporting on legal department activities
  • The power and possibilities of a single enterprise legal management platform
  • Developing, communicating, and managing the annual budget process
  • Selecting and implementing the right eBilling platform
  • Creating a data driven legal department
  • How to identify and apply the right metrics and data to assist strategic and tactical day-to-day decision-making
  • Creating more persuasive business presentations
  • Legal project management
  • Cybersecurity and risk management
  • Innovation and right-sourcing
  • Legal technology management
  • Branding
  • Creating winning award submissions

Legal innovation award winning authors provide actionable advice and a single source for developing a metrics program, securing better budgets, improving your approach to diversity, equity and inclusion, and leveraging playbooks for greater efficiency.


Publication Date: December 2021
Last Updated: December 2021
ISBN: 9781402439469
Page Count: 364 pages
Number of Volumes: 1