Reinsurance Law examines the intricacies of U.S. reinsurance law in the twenty-first century, giving you a practical grasp of the purpose, benefits, markets, and costs of reinsurance; the features, operation, and risk-and-return characteristics of the full range of reinsurance products; state, federal, and international regulation of reinsurance; and a full understanding of resolving disputes in the industry.

Enhanced with time-saving checklists and numerous sample clauses and sample agreements, this practical treatise covers federal and state law, industry standards, customs, practice—including the Utmost Good Faith and Follow-the-Fortunes doctrines—and relevant case law in clear, straightforward terms.

Reinsurance Law is an important reference for insurance attorneys, professionals, regulators, and investment advisers, and a cost-saving tool that minimizes any peril by showing you how to structure sound agreements more easily and inexpensively.

Publication Date: June 2005
Last Updated: March 2022
ISBN: 9781402406157
Page Count: 422 pages
Number of Volumes: 1

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