PLI’s Product Liability Litigation: Current Law, Strategies, and Best Practices provides comprehensive legal, technical, and strategic knowledge that maximizes your ability to prevail in consumer product liability cases, whether you’re the plaintiff’s or defendant’s attorney.

Product Liability Litigation also gives you current regulatory information, including the latest product safety standards, which enables you to help companies avoid claims and litigation altogether.

Featuring case studies, checklists, sample documents, and other practical resources, Product Liability Litigation shows you how to develop case assessment and discovery plans that can cut litigation costs and increase the likelihood of a favorable resolution for your clients; use forensic analysis and software tools to obtain key electronically-stored information for cases; deploy technologies to present complex scientific evidence in clear, compelling ways to jurors; craft e-discovery management plans that help you to comply with e-discovery rules, control costs, and avoid spoliation claims; reach product liability class action settlements; and help companies develop effective crisis management plans.

Updated annually or as needed, Product Liability Litigation: Current Law, Strategies, and Best Practices is essential reading for any attorney involved in product liability issues, including litigators and corporate attorneys seeking to minimize the legal exposure of their clients.

Publication Date: October 2009
ISBN: 9781402412578
Page Count: 1,284 pages
Number of Volumes: 1