Principles of Appellate Litigation is your guide to appellate litigation as it is practiced today. This treatise covers all aspects of appellate practice, from issue preservation at trial to Supreme Court review, helping readers to:

  • Plan an approach for handling an appeal from start to finish
  • Learn specific techniques and strategies for improving their written and oral advocacy
  • Answer common procedural and technical questions.

For generalist litigators and inexperienced appellate lawyers, this book provides an invaluable introduction to modern appellate practice. For the experienced attorney looking to take his or her skills to the next level, leading appellate advocate Mark Harris and a team of expert litigators offer hard-won insights into doctrine, strategy, and technique.

Written in the engaging, thoughtful, and thorough style one would expect from top appellate advocates, the book also includes practice tips, checklists, and excerpts from actual briefs analyzing the strategic choices of the authors as well as the mechanics of their written advocacy.

Publication Date: May 2021
Last Updated: July 2023
ISBN: 9781402437717
Page Count: 456 pages
Number of Volumes: 1

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