Featuring hundreds of sample licensing clauses and provisions, Patent Licensing and Selling, Second Edition, shows you how to draft patent license and patent purchase agreements that serve your clients’ interests, satisfy other parties, and shield clients from legal exposure.

Specifically, the book can help users:

  • Avoid terms that trigger delays and disputes
  • Grant exclusive patent licenses and successfully buy or sell a patent portfolio
  • Retain the right to choose which markets to enter first
  • Swiftly bring licensed or purchased products to market
  • Protect against infringement of licensed or purchased patents
  • Set license duration and termination guidelines
  • Maintain the confidentiality of agreements

It also provides direction on such other mandatory topics in a patent purchase agreement as:

  • Representations and warranties of both the buyer and the seller, including authority to sell, title to the patents, the validity and enforceability of the patents, any pre-existing licenses or other obligations affecting the patents, and notice of any other legal proceeding that might affect rights to the patents
  • Purchase price and payment requirements
  • Taxes
  • Closing requirements

Updated at least once a year, Patent Licensing and Selling: Strategy, Negotiation, Forms is a vital handbook for patent practitioners and other intellectual property attorneys, corporate counsel, corporate executives, patent officials, and inventors.    

Publication Date: October 2013
Last Updated: November 2023
ISBN: 9781402420641
Page Count: 1,232 pages
Number of Volumes: 1

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