New York Elder Law provides authoritative guidance on the legal issues confronting the elderly, and instructs practitioners on how to work more effectively with federal and state agencies to serve their clients.

The book taps experts in their respective fields to cover the latest legal developments regarding Social Security • Supplemental Security Income • Social Security and SSI Disability • Medicare • Supplemental Medical Insurance • Medicaid for the elderly, blind and disabled • home care • protective services • housing • nursing homes • health care decision-making • veteran’s benefits, and • retirement plans.

New York Elder Law contains numerous time-saving checklists to help readers stay current with rapidly changing laws, including up-to-date eligibility and benefit levels, benefit checklists for older adults, and flow charts for step-by-step guidance through complex appeals processes.
Publication Date: September 1995
Last Updated: April 2021
ISBN: 9780872240865
Page Count: 1,134 pages
Number of Volumes: 1

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