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"There is a valuable new treatise, called “Initial Public Offerings: A Practical Guide to Going Public,” that is quickly becoming the bible of the I.P.O. market."
—"The Deal Professor" Steven M. Davidoff

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Initial Public Offerings: A Practical Guide to Going Public, Second Edition, provides expert guidance on how to create a winning IPO. Packed with best practices, planning tips, checklists and sample documents to help implement its guidance, Initial Public Offerings gives you the actionable insight you need to:

  • Understand market requirements and lay the groundwork for an IPO
  • Weigh an IPO’s advantages, drawbacks, demands and alternatives
  • Prepare for the rigors of due diligence
  • Master accounting matters vital to the IPO process
  • Take advantage of pre-IPO tax and financial planning opportunities
  • Put together a powerful IPO team
  • Consider a “dual track” strategy

Numerous developments — originating from the SEC, Congress, and the private sector — continue to change the IPO landscape. Initial Public Offerings: A Practical Guide to Going Public addresses the legal requirements and market practices of critical interest to IPO companies, lawyers, and market professionals alike. The book covers the impact of the JOBS Act on private company fundraising, pre-IPO activities, Form S-1 disclosure requirements, and the IPO process; ongoing changes in corporate governance requirements and practices; and important developments in accounting preparation, SEC review, and underwriting practices. It also includes market data, IPO forms, and planning tips.

Updated at least once a year and hailed by executives, entrepreneurs, general counsel, investment bankers and venture capitalists alike as the definitive IPO guide, Initial Public Offerings is an essential resource for anyone planning to go public.

Publication Date: November 2012
Last Updated: January 2021
ISBN: 9781402418952
Page Count: 1,734 pages
Number of Volumes: 1