This practical guide provides you with rock-solid, readable guidance. Based on the original work by Judge William C. Hillman, a recognized U.C.C. authority, this edition of Hillman on Documenting Secured Transactions presents Article 9 best practices from a twenty-first-century perspective, giving you a working grasp of the legal, technical, and business aspects of Article 9 transactions.

Nearly twenty years into Revised Article 9, with the 1999 revisions and 2010 amendments now adopted by all fifty states, this edition focuses on Revised Article 9 as the current law, adding glosses and other background on prior law under Prior Article 9 and pre-Revision case law where helpful.

This edition also:

  • Explains that a debtor has sufficient rights in an account or general intangible when it has performed its obligations to the account debtor, even if the debtor must satisfy a condition before it is entitled to payment
  • Examines how, unlike the assignee of the trademark, a secured party is not obligated to use or protect the trademark
  • Explains that a secured party’s use of a non-registered assumed name does not affect the attachment or perfection of the security interest
  • Discusses how the term “accounts” alone does not necessarily include the records that substantiate the accounts
  • Examines the effects of the 2022 Amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code, which are designed to accommodate emerging technologies and affect nearly every Article of the Uniform Commercial Code
Publication Date: September 2017
Last Updated: July 2023
ISBN: 9781402429736
Page Count: 602 pages
Number of Volumes: 1

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