The hospital and healthcare environment has become more fractured and more fractious in recent years. Job satisfaction is down, unions are up, contracts are much more complex and the covenants which bind doctors and other healthcare personnel have locked up the futures for many professionals. This clear and concise guidebook responds to these complex issues with examples and details to save time, reduce errors and improve employee satisfaction. This text explores how the system actually operates, and suggests how lawyers, human resource professionals and hospital management teams can improve their outcomes through astute planning and careful drafting of agreements.


  • Step-by-step, term-by-term guidance on physician employment contracts, with an emphasis on the problems presented by restrictive covenants, and a full sample Physician Employment Agreement
  • Labor and employment law as it affects healthcare industry employees
  • Issues presented by telemedicine
  • Stark and anti-kickback law compliance
Publication Date: April 2022
Last Updated: April 2022
ISBN: 9781402440359
Page Count: 704 pages
Number of Volumes: 1