Friedman on Leases clarifies and analyzes the full range of lease provisions and conceivable landlord-tenant situations to give you unsurpassed practical instruction on how to negotiate and draft airtight agreements that protect your clients’ rights and minimize their liability exposure.

Friedman on Leases includes numerous case decisions with commentary and valuable sample lease clauses and agreements that help practitioners to:

  • Draft, negotiate, and amend every essential document involved in commercial leasing
  • Modify lease provisions for the full variety of landlord-tenant arrangements
  • Anticipate and resolve problematic transaction developments
  • Avoid drafting errors, including omissions, ambiguities, and fatal terminology
  • Understand and deal with difficult issues specific to assignments, subletting, renewals, take-over leases, percentage leases, and other challenging aspects of commercial leasing
  • Proceed wisely in those leasing areas with divided judicial authority or divergent state statutes

Recognized for its balanced coverage of tenant and landlord concerns, this treatise explains how tenants can obtain a ceiling on their aggregate liability, ensure premises are usable for their purposes before signing a lease, and relax the strictness of the non-assignment clause; and clarifies how the retaliatory eviction doctrine prohibits landlords from evicting tenants for exercising certain legal rights.

Conversely, Friedman on Leases gives details on how landlords can limit their liability for constructive eviction, how a properly constructed survival clause can protect landlords’ interests, how a radius clause in percentage leases can protect landlords when percentage tenants attempt to go too far, how a breakdown clause protects landlords if services are interrupted during repairs, and much more.
Publication Date: February 2017
Last Updated: January 2023
ISBN: 9781402427299
Page Count: 2,770 pages
Number of Volumes: 3

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