Fragomen on Immigration Fundamentals provides in-depth coverage of the rules, policies, and procedures related to key facets of immigration law in the United States, including:

  • Employment-based and family-based immigration
  • Other avenues for permanent residence
  • Temporary (“nonimmigrant”) admissions for business, study, work, and other purposes
  • Naturalization of foreign-born persons and acquisition of citizenship at birth
  • Refugee and asylum law and other humanitarian protections under U.S. law
  • The denial of admission and removal of foreign nationals on security- and criminal-related grounds (and other statutory grounds)
  • The administrative and judicial review of unfavorable immigration determinations

Throughout, the authors supplement analysis of recent cases, policies and rules with practical guidance for both general practitioners and experienced immigration attorneys.

Publication Date: November 2015
Last Updated: June 2024
ISBN: 9781402424878
Page Count: 1,846 pages
Number of Volumes: 1

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