Essential Trial Evidence: Brought to Life by Famous Trials, Films, and Fiction (Second Edition) is a unique and insightful guide to the law of evidence. Author Martin A. Schwartz enlivens an intricate, technical subject by using engaging, evidentiary examples from popular culture to provide a strong understanding of the Federal Rules of Evidence and its interpretive case law, which represents the prevailing evidence law in the United States.

This unique instructive approach also provides an understanding of how popular culture sources inform jurors’ preconceptions about the trial process. Illustrations from famous cases, movies, novels, cartoons, and other media highlight the presumptions jurors bring to the courtroom. 

Essential Trial Evidence: Brought to Life by Famous Trials, Films, and Fiction (Second Edition) covers a wide range of issues, including relevance and unfair prejudice, the rule against hearsay and its numerous exceptions, recent developments in expert testimony, and the various impeachment methods.

You’ll receive clear guidance on the following: 

  • Differences between expert witness and lay witness testimony, including how courts handle the dual fact-expert witness
  • Procedures for juror questioning of witnesses
  • Admissibility of videotape evidence
  • Recent developments under the Confrontation Clause
  • Requirements for introducing electronic evidence
  • And more!
Publication Date: June 2017
Last Updated: June 2017
ISBN: 9781402428463
Page Count: 1,476 pages
Number of Volumes: 1

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