The Electronic Discovery Deskbook guides attorneys through the legal, procedural, and technical challenges of e-discovery while reducing its costs and risks. The Deskbook helps attorneys to develop information and litigation management policies and procedures for the identification, preservation, collection, preparation and production of discoverable, electronically-stored information (ESI) in cost-effective, legally defensible ways.

Written by some of today’s leading e-discovery practitioners, Electronic Discovery Deskbook offers a bounty of useful tips, from how to deal with near-identical files when collecting ESI, to when it’s safe to lift litigation holds in connection with government investigations or actions. It provides advice about potential perils, including the hazards inherent in “clawback” agreements for privileged material, and alerts readers to vital trends, focusing on new technologies, new compliance demands, and new legal vulnerabilities for counsel.
Publication Date: November 2016
Last Updated: December 2022
ISBN: 9781402427510
Page Count: 866 pages
Number of Volumes: 1

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