Derivatives Deskbook: Close-Out Netting, Risk Mitigation, Litigation is a comprehensive resource for all users of swap agreements and derivatives, from financial institutions to corporate end-users.

This treatise:

  • Defines the key terminology and identifies the major players
  • Discusses the full range of required documentation
  • Highlights best practices for the legal risk management of derivatives
  • Includes numerous practice-tested legal forms

Additionally, Derivatives Deskbook provides an extensive analysis of close-out netting, examining:

  • The termination events and events of default that can trigger the early termination of OTC derivative transactions
  • The complex process of calculating the early termination amounts due the parties under the transactions
  • How derivatives transactions can be terminated in ways that minimize the damage to the parties and to the global financial system
Derivatives Deskbook is a unique resource, providing a comprehensive discussion of difficult-to-find litigation cases from foreign jurisdictions, as well as including, for the reader’s convenience, the key Dodd-Frank and EMIR regulations.
Publication Date: April 2014
Last Updated: February 2024
ISBN: 9781402421655
Page Count: 1,980 pages
Number of Volumes: 2

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