Cyber Insurance Claims, Case Law, and Risk Management provides comprehensive analysis of an ever-changing and escalating cyber claim landscape as it relates to insurance coverage and overall risk management. It features in-depth case and insurance policy analysis and discussion of loss mitigation steps, along with chapter summaries that can serve as quick reference checklists for practitioners.

Highlighted topics throughout include flashpoints where coverage is frequently contested, with particular attention to losses and liabilities potentially covered by traditional types of insurance. Explanations focus on the relationships between insurance on the one hand and attack vectors and resulting liability on the other, so that risk management options can be considered.

Cyber Insurance Claims, Case Law, and Risk Management will serve as a valuable resource for law firms, breach response counsel and any risk management professional by:

  • Providing tools for assessing cyber risk profiles and liability exposures, understanding insurance coverage and recognizing frequent pressure points in the scope of such insurance coverage
  • Improving loss prevention and loss mitigation efforts to reduce cyber exposures and the threat of legal action against senior management
  • Providing a reference guide to key insurance policy insuring agreements and protections
  • Identifying problematic issues encountered by others in pursuing coverage
  • Providing analysis of legal arguments and outcomes regarding claims for coverage
  • Identifying issues likely to be encountered when addressing cyber losses and pursuing insurance recovery
Publication Date: January 2022
Last Updated: March 2024
ISBN: 9781402439476
Page Count: 434 pages
Number of Volumes: 1

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