Best Practices in Law Firm Business Development and Marketing is a unique resource for law firm leaders, practicing attorneys, legal marketers, consultants, and educators who want to uncover the best marketing practices in the legal profession. Find out how the most successful law firm leaders are creating and developing firm cultures to encourage business development, and how smaller firms and single practitioners are executing on marketing plans to make an impact.

This book uncovers the best practices in the wide arena of legal marketing and covers topics including:

  • The most successful ways to create long-term relationships with clients
  • How personalities, leadership, and collaboration contribute to a firm’s culture and brand  
  • What characteristics management should look for when hiring a CMO 
  • How compensation, firm culture, training, and coaching can support and incentivize business development
  • Steps to take to build an individual reputation and brand, including the use of press, speaking engagements, and social media
  • The essential approach to support women lawyers with business development — including ideas on networking, mentorship versus sponsorship, and authenticity in marketing
  • How new technologies are being applied to deliver better service, attract clients, and generate business
  • The important role of legal operations, the procurement professional, and legal process outsourcing
  • Practical methods for evaluating AI solutions to business needs such as billing, e-discovery, and technology-assisted review

Culled from scores of interviews with law firm leaders, chief marketing officers, and legal innovation visionaries, Best Practices provides actionable advice and real-world thinking. Each chapter is filled with information that can be scaled to apply to a single-person law practice as well as a large international law firm. In addition, the book features special “Think Pieces” from some of the nation’s leading experts in legal marketing.

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Publication Date: April 2019
Last Updated: April 2019
ISBN: 9781402432705
Page Count: 208 pages
Number of Volumes: 1

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