From artists to auction houses, from attorneys to appraisal experts, from dealers to collectors — every segment of the art world has found practical guidance and crucial insights in the previous editions of Art Law. Now thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded, the new Fifth Edition provides more clear, readable coverage than ever before.

Art Law analyzes a remarkable range of topics concerning the legal context of the business of visual art: the artist-dealer relationship; how digital technology and social media affect both commerce in art and the creation of art; tax and estate planning strategies for collectors and artists; new legal challenges for museums; artists’ rights under copyright law and the First Amendment; resources for dealing with art theft and artworks confiscated by the Nazis; the impact of street art; and much more.

The authors, leading experts and pioneers in the field, consider art law “a jungle of law that demands, if not a machete, an accessible guide through the thicket.” Key documents, contracts, forms, and checklists make Art Law an indispensable resource.

Publication Date: August 2020
Last Updated: August 2020
ISBN: 9781402433863
Page Count: 2,050 pages
Number of Volumes: 2