Keyed to the Federal Rules of Evidence, Trial Handbook focuses on the presentation of proof and the evidentiary problems faced by counsel. In Volume 1, chapters discuss strategies for planning and preparing for litigation and conducting each of the principal phases of the trial, from jury selection and opening statements through closing argument, jury instructions, and post-trial motions. Chapter 4, Presentation of Proof, provides guidance on many aspects of the trial, including:

  • Techniques to make a good record
  • Direct-examination techniques
  • Exhibit handling procedures
  • A step-by-step guide to numerous common evidentiary foundations
  • Objection checklists and guidelines for objection technique
  • cross-examination suggestions
  • Procedures for the use of discovery materials at trial

The chapter includes an Evidence Guide which clearly explains the meaning, purpose, operation, and history of every rule, including how each rule applies to other cases and how leading cases construe a particular rule.

Volume 2, Case Authority, includes summaries of thousands of cases interpreting the Federal Rules of Evidence, providing an easy resource to identify relevant cases on point in each jurisdiction.

Publication Date: May 2024
Last Updated: May 2024
ISBN: 978-1-4024-4593-4
Page Count: 2,076 pages
Number of Volumes: 2

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