Directors’ and Officers’ Liability provides a cutting edge, straightforward explanation of the obligations of directors and officers of public companies, the penalties that they face if they fail to meet their obligations, and the protections that are offered them under the law or by agreement. This vital treatise for corporate counsel, private practitioners, and for directors and officers themselves guides readers through the essentials of the current law, recent developments, and emerging issues of directors’ and officers’ liability.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability covers:

  • The sources of law governing the duties of directors and officers; the key facets of board committees
  • The duties of directors and officers under state corporate law and federal and state securities laws
  • Private civil actions and public enforcement actions
  • Exculpation, indemnity, and insurance
  • Securities Act suits filed in state court
  • Special issues in pharma and biotech; and more
  • Emerging issues relating to cybersecurity, contested mergers and acquisitions, pharma and biotech, digital assets, sexual harassment, board and workforce diversity, climate change, and more
Publication Date: November 2016
Last Updated: November 2023
ISBN: 9781402424892
Page Count: 676 pages
Number of Volumes: 1

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