The phenomenon of increasingly global business enterprises with valuable intangible property exposes companies to transfer pricing enforcement by different countries around the world. Many of these countries are increasingly aggressive in enforcing their local transfer pricing rules, as they attempt to protect their tax revenue base. To avoid double taxation of the same income in this environment, companies often are required to deal with the highly specialized, bilateral treaty-based competent authority process developed to prevent double taxation at a time when trade mainly involved only two established countries. Even more challenging today, companies and tax authorities increasingly are faced with the potential for multiple taxation of the same income, as supply chains cross many borders and as the tax authorities of emerging countries become players in the global taxation process, and the resulting stresses, strains, and limitations of the bilateral treaty-based competent authority process have become more apparent.

In light of the high-dollar risks presented by the increased enforcement efforts of tax authorities worldwide, the complexity of the ever-changing, inherently uncertain transfer pricing standards, and the continually evolving business models of businesses adapting to the constantly changing global economy, companies need practical guidance to permit them to develop and defend their transfer pricing strategies.

Transfer Pricing Answer Book gives companies such guidance by discussing all aspects of transfer pricing, from the OECD’s proposal to modify international tax rules to address large-scale companies in digital commerce to the IRS Exam team’s selection of the best method for determining the arm’s-length result for taxpayer’s controlled transactions. The book’s non-technical discussion is presented in a question-and-answer format that will appeal to readers regardless of their prior level of experience or familiarity with taxes in general and transfer pricing in particular.

Transfer Pricing Answer Book is an invaluable resource for company executives and their advisors who are seeking to better understand this important area of tax law that has become such an important economic facet of so many businesses.
Publication Date: April 2023
ISBN: 9781402442889
Page Count: 720 pages
Number of Volumes: 1

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