Depositions are the key component of all litigation matters that survive a motion to dismiss, allowing parties to discover the legal and factual theories of their opponent and to explore the validity of their own case theories and themes. What litigants learn from depositions can guide critical strategic decisions such as whether to settle (and, if so, at what value) or proceed to trial.

Depositions Answer Book draws on author Thomas R. Jackson’s decades of experience in antitrust, business, securities, IP, and other litigation to help you master the crucial deposition process, delivering practice-based guidance on all stages of the deposition. Coverage ranges from the basic to more complex matters, including:

  • Scheduling, arranging, and preparing for a deposition
  • Stipulations, admonitions, and determining the best form of questioning for a witness
  • Formulating the exact language of subject matters to be covered in the deposition of a corporate entity
  • Using an expert report to prepare for a deposition
  • Applying the ethical rules pertaining to witness preparation
  • Conducting depositions remotely
  • Post-deposition issues, including reviewing the transcript, addressing new facts raised, re-assessing witnesses and the case theory; and more
Publication Date: March 2021
ISBN: 9781402437779
Page Count: 230 pages
Number of Volumes: 1

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