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29th Annual Elder Law Institute

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From the program: 29th Annual Elder Law Institute

Released on: Mar. 25, 2017

This program is designed for elder law practitioners, lawyers who represent elderly clients or younger clients with aging parents, and also for advocates interested in getting into this constantly evolving field. Faculty will discuss developing issues and review elder law fundamentals. The program will cover topics including Medicare, Medicaid, estate planning challenges, alternatives to guardianship, Veterans Affairs resources, and also will feature ...

Accessing Department of Veterans Affairs Resources

Transcripts  Transcripts    

Recorded on: Mar. 23, 2017

DOUGLAS CHU: So moving along on our agenda of speakers. In my elder law practice, I often get questions about VA Benefits-- the effect of VA Benefits on my elderly clients, and what they can get, not get, how does it differ with Medicaid, all these other things-- and it's not that easy to find somebody. But after a lot of searching, I found Coco Culhane, and she's the founder and director of the Veteran Advocacy Project at the Urban Justice Center, ...

Alternatives to Guardianship

Transcripts  Transcripts    

Recorded on: Mar. 23, 2017

DOUGLAS CHU: All right. So we're winding down here, and as any of you who have come to these programs regularly-- first of all, we had a nice wide spectrum. the subjects we chose were things that do come across our desk as a law attorneys all the time. And things that I don't know the answers to, and maybe we still don't know a lot of answers to, but at least we've learned a lot about them. And the next subject is another major area which we'll discuss. But ...

A Practical Review of The MLTC Medicaid Home Care Application Process

Transcripts  Transcripts    

Recorded on: Mar. 23, 2017

SPEAKER 1: I get to, at least casually introduce Doug Chu. Doug and I were answering questions coming in, and it's fair to say that we had been here a long time. Doug, I've known since he was a public interest lawyer. He's been in private practice now for many years. But Doug, when he was in public interest, was one of the resources for the entire legal community on Medicaid. And quite frankly, since he's become a private practitioner, he's remained ...

Challenges for Estate Planners

Transcripts  Transcripts    

Recorded on: Mar. 23, 2017

DOUGLAS J. CHU: OK, everybody, wherever you may be. I know some of you are still outside and some people at home maybe have tuned out for a minute, but we had a little networking break, and now we're back for the second part of the morning and then we'll take a lunch break. So, in planning today's conference we did a number of different new subjects. And one that comes back very often is taxes, and during the typical elder law consultation it is very ...

New York Elder Law

Treatise  Treatise

Published: November 2017

New York Elder Law provides authoritative guidance on the legal issues confronting the elderly, and instructs practitioners on how to work more effectively with federal and state agencies to serve their clients. The book taps experts in their respective fields to cover the latest legal developments regarding Social Security • Supplemental Security Income • Social Security and SSI Disability • Medicare • Supplemental Medical Insurance ...

The Five C’s of an Ethical Elder Law Practice

Transcripts  Transcripts    

Recorded on: Mar. 23, 2017

SPEAKER 1: Well, thank you very much for coming back. I hope you enjoyed lunch. We have a treat today on many levels. Number one, we have Professor Roberta Flowers is going to do ethics. And it's a treat for several reasons. First of all, we usually do ethics at the end of the day, and there's 150 people asleep out there. So we're going to do ethics in the middle of day. On top of that, professor Flowers, a professor at Stetson University College ...

Update on New Medicare/Medicaid Requirements for Long Term Care Facilities

Transcripts  Transcripts    

Recorded on: Mar. 23, 2017

DOUGLAS CHU: Now, of course, it is now my pleasure to introduce my co-chair, Jeff Abrandt who-- you've seen his bio. He's another legal service type, like you guys and like us. And he will now impart information about nursing home. And that's his big specialty. All right? So Jeff, take it away. JEFFREY ABRANDT: Thank you. DOUGLAS CHU: [INAUDIBLE] changing your slides here. Here's your remote. JEFFREY ABRANDT: I think they'll be putting that up. DOUGLAS ...

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