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Understanding Financial Products 2019

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From the program: Understanding Financial Products 2019

Released on: Jan. 31, 2019

The explosion of new financial products over the past decade like the emergence of cryptocurrencies, the implosion of the credit markets and the resulting significant regulatory requirements underline the importance of a basic understanding of financial products. While these instruments have been invaluable investment tools, with enormous potential for product manufacturers and investors, they also create potentially significant legal risks and challenges ...

Applying ERISA Fiduciary Rules to Health Plans, Services and Products 2019

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From the program: Applying ERISA Fiduciary Rules to Health Plans, Services and Products 2019

Released on: Jan. 22, 2019

ERISA applies to health and welfare plans as well as to retirement plans.  However, since its enactment, the predominant focus of ERISA related regulatory activity, plan sponsor compliance and litigation has been on retirement plans.  The period following the enactment of the Affordable Care Act has seen a growth in awareness of ERISA: (i) health plan related compliance requirements; as well as (ii) fiduciary provisions, and liability for ...

MEWA Considerations; Association Health Plans

Transcripts  Transcripts    

Recorded on: Jan. 15, 2019

HOWARD PIANKO: We got the magic word. MEWA, again, is going to become the theme, I guess, and in addition, the association health plans, some developments in Washington in terms of movement towards more aggregation of employees of different companies. And then for this panel, we have Ben Conley from Seyfarth, who I've worked with regularly, and Chantel-- thank you-- from PwC. CHANTEL SHEAKS: Happy to be here. HOWARD PIANKO: Yeah, it's been good ...

Fiduciary Status and Duties

Transcripts  Transcripts    

Recorded on: Jan. 15, 2019

HOWARD PIANKO: Hi. Welcome back. We're here for our afternoon where we're going to focus on different aspects of risk of fiduciary provisions, and how they apply to health plans, and also what's going on in the area of litigation and enforcement. I'm glad to welcome our panel for the first session, which is going to focus more on fiduciary status and different duties. Welcome back, Jennifer and Roberta, who are on this morning, and Brian Lamb, who's ...

The Health Plan Sponsor – ERISA Basics

Transcripts  Transcripts    

Recorded on: Jan. 15, 2019

JENNIFER KRAFT: The ERISA party is starting. We're going to excite it up. My name's Jennifer Kraft. I'm one of Howard's partners at Seyfarth Shaw. I'm a partner in our Chicago office in the employee benefits space and help lead our health and welfare group. KIRSTIN POIRIER-WHITLEY: Hi, I'm Kirstin Poirier-Whitley. I'm a partner with Jones Day out of our Los Angeles office and also specialize in employee benefits. I spend half my time on welfare plan ...

Retiree Medical Plans; Health Plan Related M&A Considerations

Transcripts  Transcripts    

Recorded on: Jan. 15, 2019

HOWARD PIANKO: OK. We're going on to our next panel. And our next panel is going to combine two different topics retiree medical plans, which historically have presented its own different set of issues in terms of the health plan space. And also, in terms of doing corporate transactions, mergers, acquisitions, what are the kind of health plan considerations that arise? For our panel for this discussion, we have Laura Miller Andrew, who is with the ...

Prohibited Transactions and DOL Exemptions

Transcripts  Transcripts    

Recorded on: Jan. 15, 2019

HOWARD PIANKO: Very good. We're back after the break. We're ready for the homestretch. We have two of our panels coming up. And the first panel that we have will address prohibited transactions and DOL prohibited transaction exemptions that have been granted. We have back from this morning-- Kirstin is back with us. And we have a new speaker-- Sruthi is here. And she's from Newport Trust Company. And you're going to get the benefit of getting some ...

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