International Tax & Estate Planning: A Practical Guide for Multinational Investors (Third Edition)

International Tax & Estate Planning is an indispensable resource for lawyers, private bankers (both investment and commercial), corporate personnel of multinational corporations, accountants, investors, and advisers and presents a clear and practical approach to dealing with private wealth, its management and its disposition.

Stocker on Drawing Wills and Trusts (Fourteenth Edition)

Stocker on Drawing Wills and Trusts provides high-quality, comprehensive, field-tested drafting guidance that ensures wills, trusts and other estate planning documents fully express clients’ wishes without provoking costly legal challenges. This two-volume set serves as a vital planning tool for estates, trusts, and tax planning specialists, and for any general practitioner involved in crafting wills, trusts or other estate planning documents.

Manning on Estate Planning (Seventh Edition)

Manning on Estate Planning has been the planning guide of choice for seasoned professionals who want sound advice on how to craft flexible, individualized estate plans that help clients reach their tax and non-tax goals.

Blattmachr on Income Taxation of Estates and Trusts (Seventeenth Edition)

Blattmachr on Income Taxation of Estates and Trusts offers a comprehensive analysis of the federal taxation of estates and trusts. Filled with practical pointers, this book describes audits of fiduciary income tax returns, emphasizing the primary issues that the IRS focuses on.