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Ethics for Commercial Litigators 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  Webcast

Why You Should Attend Evolving regulatory and compliance challenges have created an environment with rising potential for ethical pitfalls.  Attorneys involved in commercial litigation should know the latest ethics case law and rules interpretations to avoid costly ethical missteps.  This program will review some of the most impactful developments in many common and not so common areas that have confounded even the most prepared litigators. What ...

Hashtag Law – Legal Issues in Using Hashtags in Advertising and Social Media

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Hashtags have revolutionized how we communicate and have become an important component of today's advertising campaigns. They help advertisers and consumers categorize posts, locate information, share content, and disclose information to readers. But hashtags also create legal risk.  Jeffrey A. Greenbaum and Hannah E. Taylor of Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, PC will explain how hashtags work and how advertisers are using them and they will ...

Ethics in Social Media 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

Why You Should Attend Ethics permeates all areas of today's legal practice.  Risks to attorneys have increased dramatically with fines, censure and disbarment.  With the proliferation of social media, what types of personal information are companies permitted to access without the consent of their employees or applicants?  How is privacy and security addressed?  What do Federal Regulations require (e.g. FFIEC Social Media Guidance)? ...

Social Security Disability 2016: From Administrative Proceedings to Federal Practice

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  Webcast

Why You Should Attend After the Social Security Administration denies an initial disability claim, a claimant may find it confusing, difficult, and even overwhelming to appeal a denial. Many claimants cannot afford legal representation and must navigate the appeals process on their own. In this program, you will learn the basics of Social Security law and practice and how to represent disabled children and adults in appealing benefit claim denials. What ...

Government Investigations 2016: Handling Corporate Investigations Resulting from a Breach of Electronic Information and Parallel Proceedings

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

Why You Should Attend Corporations and other organizations create, store, and utilize that information in all facets of business. Unfortunately, corporate electronic information can be breached and any such breach can lead to investigations by various government agencies at the federal and State levels. Those investigations may lead to disputes about scope and the volume of corporate information to be produced. This program will explore the role ...

Appellate Advocacy 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  Webcast

Why You Should Attend Appellate Advocacy will give you real-world insight into effective appellate advocacy. Attendees will learn about all aspects of the appellate process, from things to do (and not to do) in the trial court, to strategies and techniques for persuasive brief writing and oral argument, to how and when to seek amicus support, to the rehearing and certiorari processes.  Attendees will also hear the "View from the Bench" - what ...

New York CPLR 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  Webcast

Why You Should Attend This instructive program will provide a comprehensive review of developments concerning the important procedural rules that govern litigation in New York State.  What You Will Learn The most recent interpretations of the landmark Supreme Court Daimler decision, and other jurisdiction issues Important Court of Appeals decision, and other cases, regarding enforcement of judgments Recent important cases ...

Advanced Trademark Law Annual Review 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

Why You Should Attend This advanced level program will provide an up-to-the-minute review of current trends and case law impacting the practice of trademark law today.  Essential for corporate and law firm attorneys who specialize or often find themselves involved in trademark law, this program brings together an outstanding expert faculty of practitioners and industry experts who will provide current information on the most recent developments ...

Advanced Copyright Law Annual Review 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

Why You Should Attend As copyright law continues to become increasingly complex in the face of new technologies and new ways of doing business, it is more important than ever to stay up-to-date.  In order to continue to provide the sophisticated, pragmatic legal advice your clients expect, attend this program where you will learn about the latest developments from a group of leading experts on copyright law. The speakers at this advanced seminar ...

How to Use Maps to Support Your Work with Low-Income Communities

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Please join Robert Hammond and Jay Ackley from Legal Services NYC as they demonstrate how user-friendly online mapping software can support the goals of legal services providers work with low-income communities. Relying on New York City as a case study, they will provide examples of how software, such as ArcGIS and Mango Maps, can be used in conjunction with publicly available data to create compelling visual evidence, improve advocacy efforts, and ...

Nuts & Bolts of State and Local Tax 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

Why You Should Attend State and local taxation has become increasingly important. The state and local tax liabilities of many companies exceed their federal tax liabilities and state revenue departments have intensified their audit activities in a search for revenue. PLI is delighted to present this essential program in which leading state and local tax experts will describe basic principles of state and local taxation and explore cutting-edge ...

Non-GAAP Measures and Metrics: Getting it Right

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Companies frequently use non-GAAP measures and operating metrics in earnings releases, SEC reports and other disclosures to provide incremental information to investors.  The SEC has regulated non-GAAP measures since 2002, frequently commenting on and challenging their use. While there is no regulation that specifically governs operating metrics, the SEC Staff has provided informal guidance in the form of speeches and through the comment process.  Please ...

Ethics for the Negotiating Lawyer 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  Webcast

What You Will Learn  Ethics rules that govern behavior in negotiation, including: When is it permissible to communicate with adverse clients, directly or indirectly? What exposure does counsel have for participating in the negotiation and execution of contracts containing express or implied misrepresentations? Protecting sensitive information and responding to opponent’s probes for sensitive information Cross-border ...

Pension Plan Investments 2016: Current Perspectives

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

Why You Should Attend Experienced practitioners in the area of pension investment law, will give their perspectives, and illuminate issues, on current topics and recent developments. Continued statutory, regulatory and market changes ensure a full agenda of new developments to be debated and analyzed by the panelists. The Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation brought a new regulatory structure for pension investment activities in the derivatives ...

Next Steps in Social Media for Nonprofits and Public Interest Organizations: Deepening Your Online Outreach and Engagement Strategies (Free)

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  Webcast

Please note that CLE credit is not available for this program. Why You Should Attend With the focus of social media in the legal profession, smart non-profits and public interest organizations are cultivating a robust social media presence. Learn what uses of social media are gaining traction, tools and tips that nonprofits are embracing, and how to effectively integrate social media with your overall communications and digital strategy. We’ll ...

Trial Evidence 2016: Advocacy, Analysis, Illustrations

Seminar  Seminar

Why You Should Attend Trial Evidence is a fast-moving program, featuring a unique blend of evidence doctrinal analysis and practical applications. You will learn fundamental evidence law, as well as important recent trends and developments. Program Format and Faculty The program is both highly informative and entertaining. Numerous evidentiary issues will be illustrated by actual cases, movies, novels and music. The faculty includes an emeritus ...

California Public Benefits: The Basics for Non-Profit and Pro Bono Advocacy 2016 (Free)

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  Webcast

Why You Should Attend Low-income clients need your help to protect their rights to potentially life-saving benefits. Many low-income clients have difficulty navigating the confusing and bureaucratic processes to establish and maintain eligibility for public benefits. Without legal assistance and advocacy, large numbers of clients go without the benefits to which they are entitled, which can often lead to unnecessary hunger and homelessness. Attorneys ...

Understanding Employment Law 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

Why You Should Attend Whether you are new to the field, seeking a quick refresher, or if your law practice only touches upon employment law issues, this jam-packed employment law primer is designed for you.  An expert faculty will lead you through the major regulations and case law governing the employer/employee relationship and offer practical pointers ranging from hiring to firing and everything in between. In addition, the program will address ...

21st Annual Consumer Financial Services Institute

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

Co-Sponsored by Pennsylvania Bar InstituteWhy You Should Attend The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently celebrated its fourth anniversary and the consumer financial services industry is struggling to keep pace with the CFPB’s extraordinary number of regulatory and enforcement initiatives.  At the same time state and other federal regulators and attorneys general are ramping up their activities, and the volume of private ...

Commercial Real Estate Financing 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

Why You Should Attend This year's seminar will explore new and advanced topics in commercial real estate financing.  Our faculty of experienced attorneys, in conjunction with non-attorney real estate professionals, will discuss (i) capital stack structuring vehicles such as joint ventures, mezzanine financing and (in New York only) crowd-funding, (ii) how interest rate hedging works for borrowers and lenders, (iii) issues relating to leasehold ...

Lateral Partner Movement Today: What Candidates Should Be Considering

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

There will be no CLE credit for this briefing. Lateral partner acquisitions remain an essential component of most firms’ growth strategy, even though studies continue to show that only about half of lateral partners are deemed successful.  In this One-Hour Briefing, Executive Search Consultants Stephen Nelson, Andi Cullins and Ellen Dougherty of The McCormick Group, Inc. explain the strategies that partner-level candidates should ...

Providing Legal Assistance in the Aftermath of Disaster Part II (Free)

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  Webcast

Why You Should Attend A major disaster is likely to strike in California within our lifetime. In the aftermath, survivors will need help to resolve legal issues related to the disaster. By attending this program, as well as the companion program,  (available On-Demand), you will learn about the most common post-disaster legal issues and then be able to participate in a regionally coordinated disaster legal services pro bono effort by providing ...

How to Handle Your First Pro Bono Case in New York 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  Webcast

Why You Should Attend This program will address practical issues that often arise in pro bono representation and strategies for successfully handling them. What You Will Learn Strategies for providing pro bono legal services Anticipating circumstances that may arise in pro bono representation Preparing for appearances on behalf of pro bono clients before tribunals, courts, officers and agencies Communicating effectively with ...

How to Prepare an Initial Public Offering 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

Why You Should Attend In almost any market, understanding the IPO process is an essential skill for both legal and business advisors. Hear from an experienced faculty, including attorneys, underwriters, and a member of the Securities and Exchange Commission staff, who will analyze the nuts and bolts of an initial public offering. The speakers will guide you through the initial public offering process and highlight issues presented by new regulations ...

Broadband and Cable Industry Law 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

Why You Should Attend Attend this renowned program, and hear cutting-edge analysis of federal initiatives and FCC regulations. Plus examine the latest negotiation trends, current case law, and the latest technology forecasts. Join the country’s leading outside and in-house counsel representing cable operators, cable programmers, municipalities, and online service providers — and the regulators themselves — to gain an understanding ...

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