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Employment Law Institute 2015

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

This is a webcast of the live New York session.Why You Should Attend Our annual Employment Law Institute combines a comprehensive review of case law and regulatory developments, an in-depth analysis of emerging issues, and best practices to maximize employment law compliance, mitigate legal risk and achieve business objectives. The faculty is comprised of nationally recognized management and plaintiffs’ attorneys, members of the judiciary, ...

Supplemental Unemployment Benefits: Practical Application, Implementation and Administration

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

After careful consideration, your organization has decided to carry out a reduction in force. A big question remains: How do you determine the amount of separation benefits and balance the need to reduce costs with the commitment to support separated employees? You may have heard of a Supplemental Unemployment Benefits (SUB) Plan; but how does it really work and what does it actually take to put the plan in action?  Please join Elizabeth Corley, ...

Mental Stability in the Workplace: Assessments, Accommodations and Responses to Threats and Violence

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Threats of physical harm in the workplace may arise in a variety of ways, none benign.  They range from bullying behavior to blatant homicidal and suicidal statements.   Typically, employers must contend with a threatening and aggressive employee while under considerable pressure to take action quickly.  Employers must safeguard their employees and workplace without under- or over-reacting, or running afoul of laws that protect ...

OFCCP & Government Contractors 2016: Effective Approaches to Compliance and Audits

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

Why You Should Attend President Obama’s use of executive orders, and the issuance of implementing regulations, has placed significant new obligations on all government contractors. This program will provide government contractors, their responsible counsel, and EEO compliance and affirmative action staffs, with valuable insights and direction on complying with the administration’s many new regulations and dealing with the increased ...

Wage & Hour Litigation and Compliance 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

Why You Should Attend Wage and hour litigation remains steady in the courts, and is on the rise in arbitration.  Attorneys, as well as human resources and compliance personnel must keep up to date on the latest legal developments, be informed about DOL initiatives and regulations, have knowledge of the nuances of paying employees correctly, and understand the pros and cons of arbitration agreements and class action waivers.  For litigators, ...

Social Media 2016: Addressing Corporate Risks

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  Webcast

Why You Should Attend Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and other social media sites are transforming not only the daily lives of consumers, but also how companies interact with consumers.  Indeed, even the largest, most conservative blue-chip corporations have embraced social media; one study revealed that, of the Fortune Global 500, 97% were on LinkedIn; 83% had Twitter accounts; 80% had ...

Diversity & Inclusion in Law Practice 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  Webcast

Mark Your Calendar. More Information to Come!

Psychological Issues in Employment Law 2016

Seminar  SeminarWebcast  WebcastGroupcast  Groupcast

Why You Should Attend Psychological issues in employment law are both unavoidable and fascinating.  They help to determine counsels’ day-to-day advice regarding a variety of employment issues, and play a central role in preventing, pursuing and resolving litigation.  With the continued increase in mental disability accommodation requests and discrimination charges, attorneys and mental health professionals frequently work together.  ...

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