Pro Bono & Scholarships

Practising Law Institute's pro bono activities reflect its deep commitment to the public service work of the legal profession. In 2013, PLI awarded over 42,000 scholarships.

PLI would be pleased to discuss with legal services and legal aid organizations, public interest groups, law firms, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and foundations, ways in which PLI's programs and services may be used to further the pro bono work of lawyers and related professionals.

PLI Scholarships

Full scholarships to attend PLI programs are available to pro bono attorneys, judges, judicial law clerks, law professors, and attorneys 65 or older, law students, librarians and paralegals who work for nonprofit organizations, legal services organizations or government agencies, unemployed attorneys and others with financial hardships. Scholarship applications must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the Live Seminar, Webcast, or On-Demand Web Programs you wish to attend. Students must also submit a copy of their student ID card.

Please download the scholarship application form (pdf): icon pdf  Scholarship Application  

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Who's Speaking?
Martha J. Mullen

Martha J. Mullen ~ Senior Assistant Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia
Speaking at Municipal Law Institute (14th Annual) Practising Law Institute Jul. 28, 2014

Mark Your Calendar.  More Information to Come!
Nanette Schrandt

Nanette Schrandt ~ Director, Juvenile Services Unit, The Legal Aid Society
Speaking at Children's Law Institute (17th Annual) Practising Law Institute Jul. 11, 2014

Whether representing children, parents or a child welfare or foster care agency, in private practice, government, public interest practice or as a policy


Featured Seminar

Elder Law Institute (26th Annual)

Apr. 17, 2014

Practising Law Institute - New York, NY

The 26th Annual Elder Law Institute presents current legal topics important to your older clients, and your younger clients with aging parents.Many of the subjects covered this year focus on planning for incapacity, paying for health care and maintaining the legal autonomy and dignity of your aging clients. The subject of elder law is a part of every practice - we cannot stop the aging process, nor the reality that we live longer and at the ... Read More

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