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California Special Education Law 2015 (Free)

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This is a webcast of the live San Francisco session.Mark Your Calendar.  More Information to Come!

Municipal Law Institute (15th Annual)

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Mark Your Calendar.  More Information to Come!

Qualified Immmunity Developments

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Recorded on: Oct. 24, 2014

Taken from the Web Program 31st Annual Section 1983 Civil Rights Litigation recorded October, 2014 in New York. Qualified Immmunity Developments [01:01:31] Last Term the United States Supreme Court decided several important qualified immunity cases. The issues include the application of qualified immunity to Fourth Amendment excessive force claims, summary judgment procedure, clearly established federal law, and appeals from the denial of qualified ...

California Special Education Law 2014 (Free)

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From the program: California Special Education Law 2014 (Free)

Released on: Oct. 22, 2014

Currently, close to 700,000 students with disabilities receive special education services in California, comprising about 10 percent of the state’s public school enrollment. The California Special Education Law 2014 program will provide you with a targeted look at a number of hot topics and cutting edge issues affecting the practice of Special Education Law today.Lecture Topics  [Total time 06:28:40] Segments with an asterisk (*) are available ...

Securities Law and Practice 2014: How the SEC Works

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From the program: Securities Law and Practice 2014: How the SEC Works

Released on: Oct. 13, 2014

Securities lawyers need to have a firm grasp of not only the federal securities laws, but also how the SEC works to administer the securities laws. In this program, you will be given an introduction to the federal securities laws as well as the operating divisions at the SEC that administer the laws. You will be provided with what you need to know about how the SEC administers the securities laws - and the other agencies that the SEC interacts with ...

Municipal Law Institute 2014 (14th Annual)

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From the program: Municipal Law Institute (14th Annual)

Released on: Aug. 11, 2014

This Institute provides you with analyses of important developments, emerging legal issues and best practices in the field of municipal law and regardless of experience level, municipal attorneys practicing in a city law department will want to view.Lecture Topics [Total time 06:12:13]Segments with an asterisk (*) are available only with the purchase of the entire program. Introduction and Overview* [00:04:21]Martha J. Mullen, June A. Witterschein ...

Muni Bonds, Pensions and Financial Disclosures: Compliance, Litigation and Regulatory Trends 2014 (Audio-only)

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Recorded on: Mar. 5, 2014

AMY TABB: Hello. My name is Amy Tabb, and I'm a program attorney with PLI. I would like to welcome you to today's briefing, Muni Bonds, Pensions, and Financial Disclosures: Compliance, Litigation, and Regulatory Trends. Before we begin, I have some administrative announcements. This briefing will be one hour in length. Please feel free to send questions at any time during the briefing, and, time permitting, they will be addressed. Please remember ...

Overview of the Municipal Securities Regulatory Framework

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Recorded on: Jun. 4, 2013

LAUREN E. NOCHTA: It is now my pleasure to introduce you to the moderator of our first two panels, Robert Fippinger. Robert is a senior counsel in the New York office of Orrick, where he specializes in the securities law of public finance. He's the author of the third edition of PLI's "The Securities Law of Public Finance Treatise," which, in prior editions has been updated annually for 20 years. He is currently serving as a member of the ...

Municipal Advisors

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Recorded on: Jun. 4, 2013

ROBERT A. FIPPINGER: All right, we'll start again, Maurine. MAURINE R. BARTLETT: Yes. Rather than getting into the municipal advisor section for the first three prongs and then taking a break and everyone forgetting, the interlocking definitions are complicated enough without trying to do that. So we'll just take it from the top. I'd like to begin by noting that although the Municipal Advisory Registration Provision became effective on October 1, ...

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Jae  Kim

Jae Kim ~ Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Rambus Inc.

Lori A. Richards

Lori A. Richards ~ Chief Compliance Officer, Asset Management Unit, JP Morgan & Co

Edwin E. Smith

Edwin E. Smith ~ Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP