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Litigating Under Patent Local Rules: Avoiding the Pitfalls

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Recorded on: Oct. 2, 2014

Taken from the briefing Litigating Under Patent Local Rules: Avoiding the Pitfalls recorded September, 2014.Fourteen years ago, the Northern District of California started an experiment: a special set of local rules to govern pretrial proceedings in patent cases. If imitation is a sign of success, then the experiment was a great success: Thirty one districts around the country have now adopted variants of the Northern District’s Patent Local ...

Patent Litigation 2014

Handbook  Course Handbook

Course Handbook from the program Patent Litigation 2014, held October, 2014.

Patent Claim Construction and Markman Hearings

Treatise  Treatise

Published: October 2014

Determining the proper construction of patent claims is the necessary prelude to any determination of whether those claims have been infringed, and this construction takes place in “a litigation system that is unique to patent cases.” Patent Claim Construction and Markman Hearings is a succinct guide to both claim construction and the special procedures that have evolved to accomplish such construction. Since the decisions of the Federal ...

Litigating Under Patent Local Rules: Avoiding the Pitfalls 2014 (Audio-only)

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Recorded on: Oct. 15, 2014

AMY TAUB: Hello. My name is Amy Taub, and I'm a program attorney with PLI. I would like to welcome you to today's briefing, Litigating Under Patent Local Rules, Avoiding the Pitfalls. Before we begin, I have some administrative announcements. This briefing will be one hour in length. Please feel free to send questions at any time during the briefing. Please remember that you have access to materials for this briefing via the Course Materials tab in ...

Patent Office Registration Exam Course 2014

Seminar  Seminar

Please note: You MUST use a .edu email address as your primary email address in order to get the student discount automatically. By doing so, you certify that you are a currently enrolled student and that you are not buying the course for someone who is not currently a student. If you have any questions in this regard or would like to ask about a discount even though you are not a student (e.g., unemployed, government attorney), do not hesitate to ...

Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank: An In-House Counsel Perspective (Audio-only)

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

The Alice decision held that patent claims directed to certain abstract ideas are invalid under 35 U.S.C. Sec. 101. This represents the fourth time in the past five years that the Supreme Court has tackled the question of whether a patent was directed to patent-eligible subject matter. The decision impacts the future of software patents, other business method patents, and patent troll (NPE) activity. This One-Hour Briefing will address what inside ...

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