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Sponsor's Obligations in an LBO in the Post-Crises Era: Equity Commitment Letters and Limited Guarantees May. 5, 2015 Transcripts
Overview and Current Developments in IP Monetization Techniques, and Managing Infringement Litigation Risk May. 4, 2015 Transcripts
Successfully Extracting Value from IP in the Current Environment May. 4, 2015 Transcripts
Current Trends and Developments May. 4, 2015 Transcripts
Beyond Patents: Sourcing and Leveraging Innovation May. 4, 2015 Transcripts
Renter Concerns – Fair Housing Problems and Mobilehome Parks May. 4, 2015 Transcripts
Manufactured Housing (Mobilehomes) – Regulatory Framework May. 4, 2015 Transcripts
Recent Case Law Developments Impacting on Patent Monetization May. 4, 2015 Transcripts
Fund Marketing and Sale of Fund Shares May. 4, 2015 Transcripts
Fund Regulation May. 4, 2015 Transcripts
Warranty, Repossession and Financing Problems – Homeowner Rights May. 4, 2015 Transcripts
Investing in IP: The Investor Perspective May. 4, 2015 Transcripts
Fund Litigation May. 4, 2015 Transcripts
Fund Anatomy May. 4, 2015 Transcripts
The Evolution of an Industry: Approaching 75 Years of Retail Fund Regulation May. 4, 2015 Transcripts
Basics of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) 2015 May. 1, 2015 Transcripts
Breaking Bad Technology Habits: Email, Social Media and Document Management Apr. 30, 2015 Transcripts
International Search and Application Process: Mexico and Canada Apr. 28, 2015 Transcripts
Typical Case Study: Domestic Search and Application Process Apr. 28, 2015 Transcripts
B&B Hardware v. Hargis Industries: Supreme Court Gives New Life to Preclusion in Trademark Proceedings and Other Agency Litigation Apr. 28, 2015 Transcripts
Tips from the Trenches to Make You an Effective Negotiator Apr. 27, 2015 Transcripts
Prosecuting and Defending the Civil Action: Class Certification, Fact Discovery, Experts and Summary Judgement Motions Apr. 23, 2015 Transcripts
Commencement of a Civil Action: Filing the Complaint, Preparing the Motion to Dismiss, Coordinating Multiple Actions Apr. 23, 2015 Transcripts
Seeking Resolution: Strategies in Mediation and Settlement Apr. 23, 2015 Transcripts
The Investigation: Coordinating Requests from Government Regulators Apr. 23, 2015 Transcripts