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The Special Role of the Securities Lawyer - Legal Ethics Oct. 1, 2014 Transcripts
State Enforcement in the Financial Services Sector: The Emergence of a Federal Law Enforcement Tool Empowering State Authorities Under Dodd-Frank 2014 (Audio-only) Oct. 1, 2014 Transcripts
Laying the Groundwork Oct. 1, 2014 Transcripts
Inside the SEC Oct. 1, 2014 Transcripts
Mindful Lawyering: An Introduction to Mindfulness and How it Can Boost Your Life and Legal Practice 2014 (Audio-only) Sep. 30, 2014 Transcripts
Legal Issues for Rewards and Equity Crowdfunding Platforms Sep. 25, 2014 Transcripts
Commercial and Real Estate Peer-to-Peer Lending Sep. 25, 2014 Transcripts
Exporting EEO: Aligning a Multinational's Approaches to Discrimination, Harassment and Diversity Compliance Overseas 2014 (Audio-only) Sep. 25, 2014 Transcripts
Investing in the Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Industry Sep. 25, 2014 Transcripts
Transitioning to an In-House Counsel Role 2014 (Audio-only) Sep. 23, 2014 Transcripts
#EntertainMe: How to Protect IP Across Digital Platforms [Without Alienating Your Audience] Sep. 18, 2014 Transcripts
New Distribution Platforms: Promise and Peril for Content Owners Sep. 18, 2014 Transcripts
Mobile, Digital and Internet Litigation and Trends Sep. 18, 2014 Transcripts
Music Rights and Licensing: From the Basics to the Outer Limits Sep. 18, 2014 Transcripts
Digital Convergence and Privacy - the New Reality in a Breach-Heavy World Sep. 18, 2014 Transcripts
How Do I Get My Sports? TV, TV Everywhere and Brand Extension Sep. 18, 2014 Transcripts
Basics of the Federal Election Campaign Act 2014 (Audio-only) Sep. 18, 2014 Transcripts
Year in Review Sep. 17, 2014 Transcripts
Social Media and Ethics Sep. 17, 2014 Transcripts
Internal Investigations of Whistleblower Claims Sep. 17, 2014 Transcripts
Litigating PAGA Claims Sep. 17, 2014 Transcripts
Litigating Systemic Diability Claims Sep. 17, 2014 Transcripts
Key Wage and Hour Developments Sep. 17, 2014 Transcripts
Legal Issues in Managing Global Compensation: What US-Based Managers Need to Watch Out For Sep. 16, 2014 Transcripts
Ethical Considerations When Counseling Boards, Compensation Committees, Companies and Executives Sep. 16, 2014 Transcripts