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Evolving Standards on Resale Price Maintenance, Tying and Other Vertical Restraints: Do We Still Have to Treat Vertical Restraints as a Serious Issues? May. 8, 2014 Transcripts
Class Actions for Antitrust Violators - Recent Developments May. 8, 2014 Transcripts
What Lawyers Need to Know About International Antitrust Law May. 8, 2014 Transcripts
Acquisitions and Mergers May. 8, 2014 Transcripts
Corporate Compliance and Ethics May. 8, 2014 Transcripts
Current Legal Problems at the Interface of IP Law and Competition Law May. 8, 2014 Transcripts
Legal Issues for Startups: What Non-Lawyer Entrepreneurs Need to Know 2014 (Free Audio-only) May. 8, 2014 Transcripts
Closing Business Transactions Part I: A Detailed Examination of Structuring and Negotiating May. 7, 2014 Transcripts
Closing Business Transactions Part II: The Big Picture May. 7, 2014 Transcripts
Managing Client Expectations in Litigation: Practical and Ethical Considerations 2014 (Audio-only) May. 7, 2014 Transcripts
Practical and Ethical Considerations for Corporate Transactions Today May. 7, 2014 Transcripts
Evaluating the Financial Health of an Entity May. 7, 2014 Transcripts
Capital Structure May. 7, 2014 Transcripts
Legal and Accounting Perspectives on Financial Improperties, Reporting Irregularities and Fraud May. 7, 2014 Transcripts
Economic Judgments and the Reality of Financial Statements May. 6, 2014 Transcripts
Valuation Application and Methodologies May. 6, 2014 Transcripts
Using Financial Information in Business Transactions May. 6, 2014 Transcripts
McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission: The Supreme Court Dramatically Changes the Political Landscape Once Again 2014 May. 6, 2014 Transcripts
A Detailed Look at Financial Statements May. 6, 2014 Transcripts
Frequently Asked Questions about Preparing the 2014 Form SD May. 6, 2014 Transcripts
Drafting the Conflict Minerals Report & Planning the Independent Private Sector Audit May. 6, 2014 Transcripts
Key Factors Shaping Financial Reporting May. 6, 2014 Transcripts
Drafting the Form SD & Documenting Compliance with the Rules May. 6, 2014 Transcripts
Hypothetical - Crisis Management May. 5, 2014 Transcripts
Key Issues in Developing and Maintaining an Effective Compliance Program May. 5, 2014 Transcripts